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At the dragonfable Website

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Q: Were can you find a Dragonfable SWF?
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What is the DragonFable swf address?


What is the lates flashversion fo dragonfable?


What is the Swf for Chronomancer class on Dragonfable?

Sorry buddy, no Swf yet, just keep checking the forums. But the id is 66.

Why is the dragonfable trainer not working?

Here you have a working trainer : But you have to change the SWF, the current one : game9_0_4.swf

How do you play dragonfable with the swf loader?


How do I get hackers for dragonfable?

it ethier cheats engine or wpe pro Improve: you can use a wide variety of trainers, i can suggest dragonRus's dragonfable trainer with custom swf loader

How do you get defender medals?

you can get them in a war, if you really can't be stuffed waiting for a war, you can hack'em, using the fast defender medals swf on a trainer i can suggest: dragonRus's dragonfable trainer with custom swf loader for the trainer

What are the cheats in dragonfable?

Just download any trainer, change the SWF to the newest one... If not that, u can use cheat engine or WPE Pro

Where does one find a dragonfable private server? why is dragonfable in this category?

How do you tell if a game is downoadable through swf downloader?

Just find its format in source code. If it is .swf, then you can download it.

Help for my DragonFable trainer Every time I load it upthe screen is only red It doesn't show the log in screen Can anyone help me?

u need to edit the build. if look around in the folder a little and open things u should eventually come a across a folder with something like "game7_6_0.swf". This phrase needs to be updated. so edit this with notepad (or something else like notepad) and replace the old "phrase" with "game7_8_2.swf" (without quotations). If "game7_8_2.swf" (without quotations) doesnt work then try googling the words: dragonfable build swf Have a nice day!

How can you find yulgar in dragonfable?

To find Yulgar in Dragonfable, all you have to do is click travel and select Battleon.

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