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Were can you find wifi?

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WiFi is becoming more and more popular and can be found in many places for free, including libraries, colleges, and many businesses, such as McDonalds, Starbucks and Borders.

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How do you find your wifi code?

If you have wifi you will get it automaticcaly if not just try to connect to wifi

How do you connect wifi to my NOOK at home?

Go to wifi, find your home wifi and type in the password if needed.

What do transformers WiFi friend codes do?

they let u find friends on wifi

How do you find wifi on your computer?

WiFi is the wireless technology commonly use4d for find icon of WiFi on your desktop,by clicking on it you can run the internet without any modem in that particular area.

Where can I find the high quality wifi extender?

To find ports wifi, good to have certain progam and be near a site where they have internet with wifi so we would not have any problems to browse Internet.

How do you access Wifi on the iphone without a carrier?

Go to Settings>Wifi>On>Find one and connect.

Is there a way to use wifi on a phone that is not WiFi enabled?

Unless you can find room in the phone to add an wifi card and can hack the software to make it compatible, no.

How do you get free wifi on ipod touch?

No such thing as free wifi. Someone is paying for it right? Anyways, just find a wifi signal without security. If your lucky your neighbor didn't lock up their wifi.

How do you connect to WiFi on your mobile phone?

If you have a wifi enabled phone this will be in the settings menu under "wifi" search, find yours then enter and key needed to access.

How do you activate WiFi connection?

Go to "control panel" > "connections" find your wifi device, turn it on and scan for your router.

How do you get free wifi?

google it and you will find tons of answers

How do you find your WiFi password?

I have no clue please help

How do you find the password for your wifi modem?

obviously not I cant do it

Where do you find wifi technology in your own home?


How do you get WiFi on your dsi?

You have to find a Wi-Fi zone

Where can you find nintindo wifi event dates?

sometimes you can find them at

Where do you find victini?

you can not find victini , you obtain it from i wifi event which ended in April

Where can you find free wifi in Walt Disney World?

Some of the hotels offer free wifi in public areas such as the lobby and pool. Inside the parks, there is no wifi connectivity for guests.

Where do I get a wifi booster?

To get a wifi booster is necessary to go to an internet shop and electronic products you will find everything you need in wifi and internet, also you can see them in online stores online.

How do you get WiFi conection?

you walk around until it pops up....or go find a place that says free WiFi.....stupid

Does the palm prรฉ plus have free wifi?

Th pre has wifi. It's free to use if you find a free wifi hotspot. It can act as a hotspot, but it won't be free on future models.

Do you have to pay for iPhone wifi?

Wifi is free in locations that you can find it. You pay for the data plan to send data as well as 3G network.

Do you have to pay a monthly fee to access the internet on an Ipod touch?

No Only if you are not in a WiFi spot, then you have to pay. There is an app to find a WiFi spot.

Where can one purchase a wifi extender?

Wifi extenders can be bought in your electronics shop. Another place one could find cheaper wifi extenders is secondhand markets, either online or offline.

Where do you find the special key in platinum?

You Have to get the key over wifi