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they were invented in 1769 No. The first vehicle to move under its own power for which there is a record was designed by Nicholas Joseph Cugnot and constructed by M. Brezin in 1769. It continued from there. Click the link I will post for a detailed history of the Automobile.

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When were the first Ferrari cars invented?

They were invented in the early 1900s.

What Person invented a car in the 1900?

The first cars were invented before 1900. Many different people invented cars in the whole of the 1900s (20th century).

When did cars first come on the scene?

First cars were invented in the late 1800s and become more common in the early 1900s.

Were wheels invented before the 1900s?

Wheels were invented long before the 1900s

Did people in 1950 have cars?

Yes, they had cars. The automobile was invented in the late 1800s. Cars became widely available in the early 1900s. By 1950 almost every home had at least one car.

Was there cars in 1900s?


When were backboards invented?

the backboard was invented in the 1900s

Was the internet invented in the 1900s?

It was invented in 1957.

Who invented the first camera in the 1900s?

The first camera was invented long before the 1900s. George Eastman invented the "Kodak" camera, the first camera marketed to the general public, in the 1900s.

What did cars run on?

old cars ran on electricity in the 1900s

When was telex invented?

In the 1900s

What sport was invented in the 1900s?

Korfball was invented in 1901.

When was the jacuzzi invented?

Well it was invented in the 1900s. But specifically it was invented in 1968.

When did most people have cars?

um in the 1900s

Who invented the telescope in the 1900s?

The telescope was invented way before that.

What was invented in the 1900s?

the model T

What was invented in 1900s?

The airplane and automobile

Did Georgia have cars and carriages back in the 1900s?

Which Georgia, US or Europe? In any case, yes. Cars were invented in the 1800's, but did not come into common use until after the First World War ended in 1918.

Things that were invented in the 1900s?

the screwdriver in 1907 :)

What inventions were invented in the late 1900s?


What was invented in early 1900s?

alot of things

When were telephone poles invented?


When was the game battleship invented?

in the early 1900s

When was modern dance invented?

In the early 1900s.

When were bicycle gears invented?

Sometime in the 1900s...

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