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Were dyes used during biblical days?

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They were. They were, of course, natural dyes made from berries, barks and animal.

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How are fluorescent dyes used to color-code DNA during DNA sequencing?

fluorescent dyes is used to color-code during dna by changing the color

What were lamb used for during biblical times?

Sacrifice (or food).

What types of dyes are used for different textile fibers Why?

vat dyes acid dyes

When is the crucifix used?

it was used by Romans to kill criminals like way back in the biblical days

When were napkins used during a meal in biblical times?

they were used during the pre-linch prayer period. strictly arabian.

Can dyes other than methylene blue be used?

There are other dyes such as Safranin, and Crystal Violet that may be used.

How should you dispose of used pysanka dyes?

While the dye powder used to make pysanka dyes can be quite toxic (if inhaled), the dyes themselves are not. You can pour them down the drain.

What are the two principal functions of dyes in media?

dyes are used for staining and killing microbes

What types of dyes are used for negative staining?

acidic dyes such as eosin, acid fuchsin, and nigrosin

What is applied to microorganisms to make them easier to observe?

Aniline dyes and fluorescent dyes are both used.

Basic dyes are used rather than acidic dyes?

that most cells are negatively charged.

What are the raw material for manufacture of azo dyes?

What are the raw material used to manufacture azo dyes

Why do candles need dye?

Dyes are used to Color the Candles. You can buy Candle Dyes in different forms such as Dye Blocks, Dye Chips, Or Liquid Dyes.

Can dyes other than methylene blue be used for direct staining?

can dyes other than methylene blue be used for direct staining?

A method of separating mixtures of dyes or inks?

Chromatography is the method used to separate a mixture of dyes or inks.

What was ancient roman hair dye made of?

A mix of animal fat andbeechwoodash was used for red dye.Saffronwas used for gold/blond dye. Leeches fermented invinegarfor 40 days were suggested for black dye. Henna was also used. Dyes were applied throughpowders, gels and bleach. Dyes were popular among women, but whenappliedfrequently, they made the hair weaker. Christianwriter Tertullian wrote about how dyes were harmful for theheadand how they burnt the scalp.

What dyes are used to color earthworms?

You are not meant to!

What method is used to separate dyes?


What is the impact of synthetic dyes now?

Now, synthetic dyes are still used for dying fabrics, but they are also used for paper, food, clothes and yarn.

How were natural dyes traditionally used?

Natural dyes were traditionally used in the 15th century for coloring clothing of the wealthy only to highlight their importance or wealth.

What was used for light in biblical times?

Oil lamps were used for light in Biblical times.

Why are basic dyes used to stain bacteria?

Basic dyes are used to stain bacteria because most bacteria is negatively charged, so positively charged basic dyes stick to bacteria walls. Basic dyes include crystal violet, methylene blue, safranin, malachite green.

How do they make red food color?

in ancient Mexico they used the red chocineal beetle grounded down by hand. Now a days we use synthetic dyes, or natural dyes, but not for red food colouring. Pandan is naturally used as green food coloring and Butterfly pea for blue food dye. :)

What is the process used to separate coloured dyes?


Dyes with pH sensitive colors are used as?

Indicators :)