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Were is the c-slider parts on megaman battle network red sun?

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1.Wing Part is in yumlamd under a sidewalk you buy it from a purple navy. 2.Jet Part you get in town area 3 to acces you have to go through park area 1. 3.Last Part you find it in town area 2 in the second floor which is under.

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In megaman battle network 4 the orange navi won't make the c- slider even thou i have all the parts?


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In megaman battle network 4 blue moon I can't reach the undernet because the black market net dealers won't give me the c-slider parts so I can't make one what do you do?

What do you mean "the black market net dealers won't give me the c-slider parts"? They should automatically offer you the parts. if they haven't, then you have already gotten that part from that net dealer. After that, they have nothing more to give. The real problem is: you don't have all the parts because you are missing one. Let me help you out: 1)In Yum Area 2)In Town Area2-bottom floor-he is pretty hidden from view, so go to the southwestern part of this area, and press A. 3)In Town Area3 just b4 ParkArea-on the lower level in the middle path when you arrive. If you do that, you should never have to worry about doing that again--unless your game crashes, of course.

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