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Were mixed children born of a black momma and white slave holdong daddy were they considered slaves?


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The answer to your question is Yes. The children of Black slave women and white slave owners/holders were considered slaves. This was very odd and unusual because the laws of the day required the children of white women and white men to follow the status of the father. This is called patrilineage, where everything is passed down through the father (last name, property etc.), and this has been studied and researched as a fundamentally sexist male supremacist lineage system, especially since pre-colonial nations had a matrilineal pattern where property, children, and family names were passed down through the woman, especially in Africa and with indigenous peoples world-wide).

However, the children following the status of the father was reversed in the case of Black women, because this would then allow Black womens' bodies to be used sexually by white slave owners to produce more slaves. There was an actual new law made by the U.S. solely to make slave children follow the status of their mother instead of their fathers, regardless of if their father was white--so that she could be forced to literally fuel the sexual economy of slavery (this U.S. law also left Black women open for rape by any man since she could not prosecute rape in a court of law). Black women birthed the wealth of the white nation, because her body was used by white masters, and she was bred as if she were an animal to bare as many slaves as possible for the highest production. (This took place especially in the United States after the slave trade was outlawed in 1808--even though slaves were still stolen illegally from Africa 'after' this law).

Black women have always had a completely different experience than white women, and Black men. Although all three groups were oppressed, Black women felt the sting of racism and sexism simultaneously. The result of this was that a Black woman was never considered a "full woman," but a lower and degraded form of woman. For example, during the early beginnings of "The New World" or the onset of Ma'afa (slavery/holocaust) for Afrikans coming into the country, when white women were indentured servants in the early 1600's, they were not allowed to work outside. In addition, white women who were non-indentured were only allowed to do work at home. However, Black women ALWAYS worked outside the home, and have always worked in general, and were called "hottentots" and "lascivious women" by U.S. lawmakers.

The children taking the status of the father and patrilineage was strictly enforced upon white women because of the Victorian era belief that white womens' chastity, purity, virginity, and 'womanhood' had to be guarded, and she had to be suppressed. Since white supremacist stereotypes regarded Black women as animals, innately sexually promiscuous, and non-WOMAN, they did not see it as necessary to enforce upon Black women, as they were only painting the white woman as a viable female candidate. Again, it also allowed Black womens' bodies to be used and raped by white men to produce more slaves, and even for white male sexual pleasure at will.

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