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Were old English double commas semicolons?

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As well as commas?

Commas are a feature of sentence structure. There is no word or phrase in English that requires one. The formula "as well as" may appear properly with no commas at all, with one before or one after, all depending on the clause and the sense.When it means "with the same skill or success" it never has commas: I speak french as well as he does.When it means "too, also" it may take a comma before, depending on its place in the clause: I have my passport and my driver's license, and some local cash as well.OR I have some local cash, as well as my passport and driver's license.I am old as well as Aisha

Where does the commas go the large heavy oak front door swung open to reveal her old aunt Martha?

Commas are used to help a sentence flow and make more sense. In the sentence 'the large heavy oak front door swung open to reveal her old aunt Martha, the commas will go as follows; The large, heavy, oak, front door swung open to reveal her old aunt Martha.

What is the root word of twins and where did it originate?

It's root are the Old English word Twinn and the Old Norse word Tvinnr, which mean "both" or "double".

Can you translate hello into middle English?

English [Middle English] (old England) Gode dei English [Old English] (old Britain) Ic grete þe

When did old English begin?

Old English was from 450 - 1100

What years old are you is that correct English?

No. In English we say "How old are you?"

What is the Old English?

Old English is the type of English that was spoken between the years 875 and 1100.

How old is the double bass?

The double bass is about 50-95 years old.

What does kyle mean in old English?

In Old English they did not use the letter k but the word "cyle" is the Old English word for "cold".

What are some dog breeds that start with the letter O?

Old Croatian SighthoundOld Danish PointerOld English Bulldog (extinct)Olde English BulldoggeOld English SheepdogOld English TerrierOtterhound

Can do you translate names in modern English to old English?

_no you cant because old English is just the same to modern English....

How did modern English develop from Old English?

Different tribes changed Old English words, and eventually, it evolved into the English we have today.

When and how did old Norse influence old English?

In 1598, old Norse influenced old English with great cooking and independance.

What are some features of Old English?

Old English was a diverse group of dialects.

What is the old English spelling of Beowulf?

Beowulf is the Old English spelling of Beowulf.

What is thee and thou in old English?

Thee and thou mean "you" in old english.

What is an old English elegy?

In Old English, elegy is more of a "mode" or manner of

How old is the breed English mastiff?

The English Mastiff is an old breed. Designed by the puritans for mating purposes the English mastiff is about 200 years old

What is the masculine version of Linda?

Lyn (Old English), Linn (Old English), Lyndon( Old English), Len (German), and Lin (Old English) are male names that sounds like Linda. The Old English names mean "linden tree hill" The German means "lion strength"

How is old English different from modern English?

Modern English is the language that Shakespeare wrote in, and is not very different from our English. However, Old English is the language of Beowulf, and is very different from our English.

How do you translate a Modern English phrase into Old English?

There aren't any online translators for Old English. You would need to find a person that speaks Old English, perhaps a college professor.

What is the Old English word meaning for goad?

ME - gode, OE - gād = spearhead. (ME- Middle English, OE- Old English)

What is a old English word that means yes?

the old English word for yes is yea

What Difference between the old and the modern English?

what differnce between the old and the modern english

Is American English a form of Old English?

Old English is modern English's ancestor. OE dates from approx. 450 - 1100 AD. American English is a dialect of "English"