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With the exception of a Jewish Resistance, the Jews did not play a fighting role in WWII. There were obviously Jews fighting for each country, but not as a nation such as Israel. Even if they did, they wouldn't have been allied with the Japanese because the Japanese were allied with the Germans who were responsible for the Holocaust.

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Who were the minor allies in world war 2?

the jews

Where did the Japanese fight in World War 1?

In World War I, the Japanese joined the Allies for a time, and fought the German army in east Asia.

What difficulties did the Allies encounter in fighting the Japanese World War 2?


How World War 2 affected Japanese?

It did'nt affect the Japanese as much as it did Americans. It affected people that live n Hawaii the most. This is because World War Two started when the Japanese bombed pearl harbor. To me this is weird because in World War One they were our allies ( sorry if I spelled allies wrong ) then in World War Two they were our main enemies. Now they are our allies again. The Japanese got affected too but not as much. They lost a lot of their crop, because. Oat of the farmers were at war.

When did the USA join the Allies of World War II?

The USA joined the Allies of World War 2 on December 8 1941, a day after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour.

What does liberation have anything to do with World War 2?

The Allies liberated Europe from Nazi Germany and the Allies freed the people the Japanese had invaded .

Why did the Japanese attack Sydney Harbor in World War 2?

Australia was in the war on the side of the Allies, making them the enemies of the Japanese, who were trying to gain control of Asia.

Where did the allies sink all four Japanese carriers at in World War 2?

Battle at Midway

Did the Japanese surrender at the end of world war 1?

They were part of the allies in WWI. They surrendered in WWII.

What country patrolled Australia's shores during World War 1?

The Japanese who were our allies at the time.

When did the us withdraw from World War 2?

we didn't withdraw. we defeated the Nazis and Japanese with the allies

Did America save the Jews from Hitler?

Yes, If the US army had never intervened, the Jews and all of us would be in slavery. ___ No. The Allies did not fight World War 2 in order to save Jews - and the war wasn't won by America alone. Please get real. That was a by-product of the Allied victory over Germany. During World War 2, the Allies did not do anything specifically aimed at saving Jews.

What was Japanese involvement in World War 1 not World War 2?

The Japanese supported the Allies in WW1. I think they felt hard done by for their support in the ensuing peace treaty & division of the spoils.....

What was the Main cause of death in World War 2?

For who? The germans, jews, americans, japanese?

What were the sides called during World War 2?

Allies vs AxisAnswerthe us, brits, and russia where the allies and Germany, Italy, and the Japanese where the axis..... hence the axis and allies....

Who were the first allies in World War I?

Who were the first allies in world war 1?

Did the Jews beat the Nazis in World War 2?

No. The Jews were saved and liberated from the concentration camps after the British, the Americans and the USSR defeated the Nazis and their allies.

What happened in 1942 to help the allies win World War 2?

The Japanese bombed the United States causing them to join the war. The Allies gained a very powerful allie in the War when U.S.A came in

Who was resisting in World War 2?

Please clarify this question. Resisting what? Resisting the Nazis? The Allies? The Japanese?

Were the Japanese and Germans allies in world war 2?

They were not part of Allied powers, but had an alliance as the Axis powers.

Which event caused the US to join the Allies in World War 2?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

What were the most difficult Japanese islands for the Allies to conquer in World War II?

Iwo Jima for sure.

When did the allies invade New Guinea during world war 2?

The Allies did not invade New Guinea. They protected it from the Japanese invasion that began in 1942.

In which world ward did the Aztec Eagles fighter squadron battle the Japanese?

War? The Aztec Eagles fought on The Allies side during World War 2

What caused the defeat of japan in world war 2?

The people in Japan are Japanese. Also, jews.

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