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Were the Soviets racist like the Nazis?

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No. The Soviet ideology was not based on the superiority of a given race or ethnicity.

The oppression was based on political views and social class.

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What is your opinion of Nazis?

Nothing is wrong with Nazis they are just racist but everybody is racist in a way

Why did the Nazis treat Jews differently?

Because they were racist

Who used the scorched earth policy against the Nazis?

The Soviets.

Why did the Nazis evacuate Auschwitz?

because they did not want to get caught by the Soviets.

What would have happened if the Nazis defeated the Soviets at Stalingrad?

If the Nazis had defeated the Soviets at Stalingard they may have been able to break the siege. They still however would have to contend with the Allied Forces.

When did soviets repel the nazis in the Battle of Stalingrad?

February 2 , 1943 .

Who fought in the war battle of stalengrad?

The Nazis fought the Soviets at Stalingrad.

What large well organized army known for brutal treatment of their captives?

Well, that would be the Nazis and the Soviets, though the Soviets were much larger of an army, the Nazis were far more brutal for their treatment of their captives.

What other groups did the Nazis prescute?

Besides the Jews, the Nazis also persecuted gypsies, homosexuals, Soviets and the mentally disabled.

How were Nazis racist?

A lot of people say Nazis weren't racist at all, that they just wanted the Jews off of their land. But I think Nazis wereracist. Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany at the time, and he thought that if you didn't have blue eyes and blonde hair, you weren't worth anything.So he tried conquering the world. THE END

Explain the importance of Stalingrad?

The battle of Stalingrad was important for both the Nazis and Soviets. For the Nazis, it was a flanking point to get to the caucuses oil field which would of given the Nazis fuel to prolong their campaign. Stalingrad was important to the soviets as it was named after Joseph Stalingrad, so a moral importance was for the USSR.

Are Neo Nazis mentally insane?

No, for the most part just racist.

Can you give me a sentence with the word propaganda?

The Soviets and the Nazis were infamous for their employment of propaganda.

Is the nazi sign racist?

It is racist and it may cause offence because it depicts those ideas the nazis had about 'untermenschen' (people considered subhuman or racially inferior). Nazis are widely disapproved of (so they should be).

Can a black man be a Nazi?

Not really because Nazi groups like neo-Nazis are at its roots quite racist and are against black people.

How did holocaust liberation start?

i guess 1942 as soon as territory was gained by the Soviets from the Nazis

How did Nazi Germany prepare when the Soviets advancing towards Berlin?

They (Nazis) prepared to surrender.

What is a sentence for demonize?

The Nazis used racist propaganda in an attempt to demonize the Jews

When was Lithuania invaded by Nazis?

Lithuania was invaded by Nazis on 1941 June 22nd. This occupation lasted till Soviets expeled Germans in 1944-1945.

What were the 4 groups of people that the Nazi's attacked?

The Nazis attacked the Poles, the French, the British, and the Soviets.

What events did stalingard have?

The famous battle of Stalingrad. Where the Nazis broke their mutual agreement with the Soviet Union, and tried to claim Stalingrad under the third Reich. At first the Nazis looked like they had a chance, but they were no match for the harsh winter and overwhelming numbers of Soviets.

In what city did the soviets take a stand against the Nazis?

Stalingrad. On January 31, 1943 the German commander surrendered.

Why do you feel like you're racist?

Because I fell like i'm a racist

Why was the Battle of Stalingrad a turning point for Germany in World War 2?

It wasn't. It was for the soviets. it was their first battle they won since the Nazis invaded. they also ended up pushing them all the way to Germany. It wasn't. It was for the soviets. it was their first battle they won since the Nazis invaded. they also ended up pushing them all the way to Germany. It wasn't. It was for the soviets. it was their first battle they won since the Nazis invaded. they also ended up pushing them all the way to Germany.

Why did the Nazis initially set up ghettos?

because they were horribly violent and stupidly racist inhumane scums