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Were the US founding fathers inspired by Egypt?


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No. The Founding Fathers were inspired by Enlightenment ideals and opposed to despots. The Ancient Egyptian system and the contemporaneous Egyptian governates were despotic regimes that opposed almost all Enlightenment ideals. As a result, the Founding Fathers did not use Egypt as inspiration.


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Most of the founding fathers of the US where deists. not atheists.

In the US, our founding fathers.

In the US, our founding fathers.

The Founding Fathers of America intended for it to be one country, unified, led by the Christian God.

The founding fathers felt the US should be a republic because they wanted the US to have freedoms they didn't have in Britain.

The founding fathers who wrote the US constitution.

The declaration of independance obviously reflects how smart our founding fathers were. they were very well educated men

One of the most important document written by the founding fathers of the US, was the US Constitution. Others include the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation.

The Founding Fathers of the US and later the Framers of the US Constitution looked at the structure of the ancient Roman Republic as a model for their idea of the new US republic. Flawed as it was, the Roman Republic had what can be termed a government structure where power was shared. The US Constitution created a central government where powers are shared. It has been said that the US republic was the first one after ancient Rome's republic.

Do you mean 'Founding Fathers of the US'? There are seven recognized founding fathers of the US. They are: John Adams Benjamin Franklin Alexander Hamilton John Jay Thomas Jefferson James Madison George Washington

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The Signers (of the Declaration of Independence) and The Framers of the US Constitution

Primarily because that is the form of government the 'founding fathers' chose.

they named the U.S capital Washington D.C

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Because they risked their lives to save us and give us liberty and freedom.

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It was built to honor the first President of the US, and to honor the Founding Fathers.

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