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Were the gunpowder plotters framed?

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No the plotters were just found out.

It was claimed that the plot was discovered by the sheer stupidity of one of the men involved. His brother was working in the parliament the night the plotters planned to blow it up. So this plotter sent a letter to his brother warning him to stay out of the parliament because something bad was going to happen to it on a certain date. Hence, they were caught.

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Were the gunpowder plotters framed and why?

Yes the plotters were framed because Robert Cecil wanted to show the Catholics that England was staying a Protestant country.

Was the plotters framed?

No the plotters were not framed, cause Guy Fawkes was caught before he lit the fuse! And he was then tourtered in to telling on his co-workers! So therefore the plotters were not framed!

Were the gunpodwder plotters framed?

yes they where they where framed

Were the Catholics framed by James 1?

It is personally an opinion but they were framed because the government look after gunpowder and they allowed that the 'plotters' managed to get 36 barrels; also, no action was taken until a week or so later.

How many gunpowder plotters were there?

there were 5 gun powder plotters at the beginning but they grew to about 14

Was the gunpowder plot a government conspiracy?

No. It was an anarchist and his fellow plotters.

How were the plotters of the gunpowder plot caught?

If I remember correctly, they were caught, because one or all the plotters went to the gunpowder filled room to check if everything was ready and one of the guards caught them while they were doing that.

How many plotters were there in the gunpowder plot?

At first there was 14 but when the government found the plotters in Holbeach House on the 7th November they only found 13.

Who were the plotters in the Gunpowder Plot?

the plotters were all catholic and the leader was called Robert Catesby and theother main plotters wereGuido FawkesThomas and Robert WinterChristopher and John WrightThomas Percy

What is the name of the house that the gunpowder plotters were found in?

The Houses of Parliament which they intended to blow up.

Why did the gunpowder plotters want to kill King James?

Gunpowder Plotters want to Kill King James l because James don't like Catholic so James Decided that the Catholics will leave the country but Chatholics Dis AGREE.

How were the gunpowder plotters punished?

They were executed, specifically by being hung, drawn and quartered. That is as horrible as it sounds.

What did the plotters want from the gunpowder plot?

they wanted a Catholic monarch on the throne they wanted a Catholic monarch on the throne

How did the plotters of the gun powder plot get caught?

The King's guards found Guy Fawkes about to light the gunpowder.

What does sir Francis Gresham got to do with the gunpowder plot?

I think you mean Francis Tresham and he was one of the plotters

Why was there a Gunpowder Plot?

Good question! All the plotters were catholics, their king however, and most of the members of Parliament were protestants. So the plotters planed to destroy the houses of Parliament with the protestants inside!

When did the plotters of The Gunpowder Plot get caught?

Remember, remember The Fifth of November- Keep mem'ries alive Of Sixteen-Oh-Five-

How did the plotters get the gunpowder?

they took it down into the cellar that they rented because Parliament rented it out so they could make more money

Who were the gunpowder plotters?

the original 5 were:Robert CatesbyJohn WrightThomas WintourThomas PerryGuido 'guy' Fawkes

What were the names of the plotters - in The Gunpowder Plot?

Guy Fawkes, Robert Catesby, Christopher Wright, John Wright and Thomas Percy.

Who were the thirteen men involved in the gunpowder plot?

Robert Catesby (leader of the plot) John Johnson Thomas Wintour that is three of the plotters

Why did the government punish Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plotters so severely?

coz he was nearly about to blow up the whole of London that's why!

Who betrayed the gunpowder plotters?

Francis Tresham, because he feared that his friend and brother-in-law, Lord Monteagle, was likely to die in the resulting explosion.

What religion were the plotters?

the plotters were catholic

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