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AnswerThe Nazis sent homosexuals to concentration camps, where most of them were killed. In very inhuman ways. AnswerWell, you must take into consideration this is 1939-1945 ... a time when blacks were disliked and not accepted, let alone homosexuals. The only homosexual I know of in the war was one of Hitler's high generals (whose name escapes me right now). He was heavily disliked by Hitler, but from what I remember was never fired. Aside from that, most people who were homosexual in the war probably wouldn't admit it. Think about it this way, you're in the middle of a group of men... if you start talking about your homosexuality and even let off a hint of some attraction to one of them, you won't stay long without being beaten up. AnswerI'm not sure what you're wanting to get at. Homosexuality is nothing new. It's always been around since the begining of time. It's documented all through out history. The word homosexual itself is a relatively new term however. It came to be I believe in the 18th century, during the Victorian age. Look at Roman, Greek or any other early civilization homosexuality was embraced and accepted. It wasn't until we humans became "modern and civilized" that it has been looked down upon. Study up on the subject and you'd be surprised how homosexuality has played a role in human history. AnswerIn Britain men who matched the stereotype of the effeminate homosexual and/or openly proclaimed their homosexuality were 'exempted from military service on grounds of sexual perversion'. This was considered utterly dishonorable, and so forth.
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Q: Were there any cases of homosexuality during World War 2?
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