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the man who just wants to make conversation had really good sex the night before..........

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What is the Difference between an elevator and a lift?

It has exactly the came meaning but lift it's used in UK and elevator in USA.

Signs girls show when their interested and if you can how can you tell the difference between just flirting or actually interested?

It may seem stupid but the best sign a girl can give is being able to hold a conversation with input, humor, questions, views. This shows you interest them enough for them to devote their thoughts towards you and your conversation.

What is the difference between interruption and disruption?

disrupt is usually a conversation; interrupt can be anything (can be a conversation too). they are synonyms

What is the difference between a casusal conversation and gossip?

casual conversation is talking about things that are in general gossip is a conversation about personal or intimate rumours or facts .

What is the difference between bogus and fraudulent and how to use them?

The main difference is that bogus is informal, best used in conversation, not in "writing."

What is the difference between narrative and dialog?

narrative is one speaker telling a story. dialogue is conversation between two or more.

What is the difference between formal and informal conversation?

eney body you know him use informal converasion

What is the difference between pneumatic elevator and hydraulic elevator?

Pneumatic elevators work on air pressure (similar to a bank's drive through suction tubes) and hydraulic elevators work on oil/water pressure.

Conversation between a pen and a pencil?

conversation between pen and a pencil

What does a party to the conversation mean?

A "party to the conversation" means a person involved in it. For example, a conversation between two people has two parties to the conversation. A conversation between 7 people has 7 parties to the conversation.

What is a conversation between two people?

The conversation between to people is when you are mingling. Mingling is when you are talking in a conversation amongst your peers.

What is the difference between formal and informal speech?

The difference between formal and informal speech is formal is serious. Informal speech isn't serious and is more of the way you'd speak in a conversation with someone.

What's the difference between a patio conversation set and a patio furniture set?

There aren't any differences. Patio conversation sets are the same as a patio furniture set. In fact some items will describe it as a patio conversation furniture set.

What is the difference between a utc uta and utf elevator key control?

Each key controls specific elevator function or operation on a specific brand and vintage of an elevator. Some of these keys are restricted and should be used by Authroized Elevator Personnel only. By you not knowing the function of the keys and asking the question, says you are probalby not an Authorized Elevagtor Person and should not have these keys.

What do you call a conversation between two people?

A conversation between two people is a dialogue.

How is the conversation between a buyer and fruits seller?

conversation between afruit seller and customer

Topics for talking with a girl?

To start a conversation, it's easier the more questions you ask her. But there is a difference between seeming interested and bombarding her with questions. Also, personal questions probably aren't the best; she doesn't want to be asked how many guys she has been with or what she's "done".

What is the difference between a conversation and a discussion?

A conversation is a talk between two or more people. You can also have a chat with Sb, (note that right form for chat is 'have a chat with Sb') which us a friendly informal conversation. Adiscussion about sth is when you talk about something seriously. An argument is a discussion in which people disagree, often angrily.

What is the difference between cellphone and telephone conversation?

sunil singla cellphone basically a wireless system & telephone is wired system.

Is there a difference between being painfully shy and social anxiety disorder?

i think there is a big difference. I have social anxiety but i can start a conversation with anyone. It depends on the "symptoms" i suppose.

What is the difference between interests and skills?

Interests are something that you are interested in doing. Skills are something you are actually good at.

What is the difference between 1 2 and 3 phase?

There are many different phases. What kind of phase are you interested in?

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