What are some uses of technology in society?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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(1) education (2) government (3) finance (4) science (5) entertainment (6) health care (7) travel (8) retail (9) publishing (10) manufacturing

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Q: What are some uses of technology in society?
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How science technology and society related to each other?

Technology supplies the tools that society uses, science supplies the understanding of how the technology works.

The knowledge that a society uses to create things is?


What term refers to method a society uses to produce and distribute goods and services?

Product market

Is technology mostly used in military weapons?

Technology has endless numbers of uses, it is used in virtually all areas of human society. The computers with which we are having this exchange are also part of technology.

What type of technology uses magnetic or optical technology?

it uses optical technology

What type of technology uses is needed for animal trainers?

There are different types of technology uses needed for animal trainers. Some of them include animal behavior monitoring technology, marine technology, biology, chemistry and so much more.

What does technology do for society?

technology helps us in life to learn about society.

When was Society for Underwater Technology created?

Society for Underwater Technology was created in 1966.

When was Society of Glass Technology created?

Society of Glass Technology was created in 1916.

Stuff made of technology?

Technology is the application of knowledge to use ANYTHING that basically uses moving parts, although not always (not always moving parts), for use in a society. Translation: Everything from your shirt and shoes to TV and bicycle is technology.

What are the uses of statistics in information technology in Pakistan?

uses of statistics in information technology

What technology uses static electricity?

Piezoelectric discharge (some butane lighters)