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Q: What is an animal cell and plant cell?
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Related questions

What type of cell is a plant and animal cell?

A plant cell is a plant cell. An animal cell is an animal cell. Obvious right?

What are present in a animal cell but not in a plant cell?

Lysomes and centrioles are in an animal cell but not a plant. Chloroplasts are in a plant cell but not an animal cell.

How can you distinguish a plant cell from an animal cell?

You can distinguish a plant cell from an animal cell because a plant cell has a cell wall and animal cells do not have a cell wall

Is a cell membraneb in an animal or plant?

it's in both cell. animal cell only have cell membrane but plant cell have plant cell and then animal cell inside.

Can you change plant cells to animal cell or get an animal cell from a plant cell?

no u can not change an animal cell to convert to a plant cell. its impossible

Is a plant with roots a plant cell or animal cell?

It is a plant cell, a animal cell is in something with movement.

Is an onion cell a plant or animal cell?

onion is a plant cell not an animal cell as onion is plant.

What is the different of animal cell to plant cell?

the plant cell have an cell wall but the animal cell havent cell wall , animal cell have lysosomes and the plant havent lysosomes.

How animal cell is different from plant cell?

well the animal is different from a plant cell because a plant cell have a cell wall, & chloroplast and the animal cell does not

How are plant and animal cells structurally different?

the differences between an animal cell and a plant cell is that an animal cell has a cell membrane and a plant cell has a cell wall.

How is the animal cell different from the plant cell?

cell from a plant have a cell wall animal cells do not. and plant cell does not have a mitrocondria in it

How do you know if a cell is plant or animal?

You will know if a cell if a plant or animal by looking under a microscope. The animal cell will not have a cell wall while the plant cell will.

What is the differentiate between plant cell from animal cell?

Plant cell has a cell wall while animal cell doesn't. Plant cell has starch grains while animal cell doesn't. Plant cell produce cell sap while animal cell doesn't.

What is the difference from animal cell and plant cell?

Animal cell do not have cell wall while plant cell do have cell wall. In Animal cell plastids are usually absent and plant cell have plastids.

What are the difference of animal cell and plant cell?

animal cells has cell all plant cell dose not have animal cell has chloroplast plant cell dose not have

What represents an animal cell or plant cell?

An animal cell and plant cell have different features inside of them. Plant cells contain a cell wall while a animal cell does not.

How can you identify a cell and tell if it is a plant or animal cell?

A plant cell has a cell wall, which animal cells never have. Also a plant cell may have chloroplasts, which no animal cell will have. :)

How are animal and plant cells different when become two cells?

Animal and plant cells are different because the plant cell has everything that the animal cell has, but the animal cell doesn't have everything that the plant cell has, in terms of the animal cell not having the cell membrane and the chloroplast.

Is a cell membrane a plant or a animal or both?

Both animal and plant cells have cell membranes. However only a plant cell has a cell wall. A plant cell also has chloroplasts(they make the plant green), but an animal cell does not.

Is ribsosomes a animal cell or a plant cell?

Ribosome is neither a plant cell nor an animal cell. It is a cell organell found in both animal and plant cells.

How can a student decide if a cell is from a plant or a animal cell?

In plant cell there is large and small vacuole but in animal cell there is no vacuoles are present and one more thing in plant cell in plant cell there is cell wall is present but in animal cell cell wall is not present so it can easily identify that a cell is plant cell or a animal cell.

How are plant cell different from animal cell?

Well, since plant cells have a cell wall and chloroplasts, the animal cell does not. The animal cell has centrioles and lysosomes, while a plant cell does not.

Is the cell of plant the same as of the animal cell?

No, the cell of an animal has no cytoplasm or cell wall but the plant cell does.

What is found in a plant cell but not in animal cell?

A cell wall and mitochondria are in a plant cell, but not in an animal cell.

What are the structural differences between plant cells and animal cells?

a plant cell has a cell wall while animal cells do not. a plant cell also has a chloroplast which, the animal cell does not.