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Q: What is the enthalpy of neutralization (delta Hn) per mole of H2SO4/Ba(OH)2 is?
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What do the symbols mean Delta Hr Hf Hc Hn Ha in chemistry btw i know theyre enthalpy changes?

delta Hr is the enthalphy change of a reaction delta Hf is the enthalpy of formation where one mole of a substance is formed ( generally in its naturally occurring physical state) delta Hc is the enthalpy of combustion where one mole of a substance in its standard state undergoes combustion delta Hn is the enthalpy of neutralization where one mole of H+ reacts with OH- to form one mole of H2O delta Ha is the enthalpy of atomization where a molecule splits to form its neutral atomic components

What is the heat of neutralization of nitric acid?

The Enthalpy of neutralization of all strong acids are almost the same. It is between -58 to -59 kilojoules per mole.

Definition for standard enthalpy change of neutralization?

Enthalpy change of neutralisation is defined as the enthalpy change of a reaction where one mole of hydrogen ions reacts with one mole of hydroxide ions to form one mole of water under standard conditions of 1 atm, 298K (25 degree Celsius) and in the solutions containing 1 mol per dm3.

What is the difference between enthalpy change and enthalpy change per mole?

Enthalpy is the energy absorbed or lost from a reaction, but enthalpy change per mole is the amount of energy lost per mole, so in order to get the overall enthalpy from the change per mole, you must multiply that value by the amount of moles used in the reaction.

The enthalpy change for the complete burning of one mole of a given substance?

enthalpy of combustion

For one mole of any substance at its boiling point the difference in the enthalpy of its vapor is what?

enthalpy of vaporization

What is known as ionisation enthalpy?

it is the energy required for a mole of atom to loose a mole of electron.

What is heat of vaporization and heat of fusion?

Heat of vaporization is the enthalpy change when one mole of a liquid is transformed into one mole of a gas. Heat of fusion is the enthalpy change when one mole of a solid is transformed into one mole of a liquid.

What is the enthalpy change of neutralisation for strong acid with a strong base?

The enthalpy of neutralization of a strong acid against a strong base is always constant (13.7 kcal or 57 kJ mole-1). It is because in dilute solutions all strong acids and bases ionize completely and thus the heat of neutralization in such cases is actually the heat of formation of water from H+ and OH- ions, i.e., H+ + OH- ---> H2O; ΔH = -13.7 kcal

What is heat of neutralization?

AnswerThis is the energy change which occurs when 1 mole of water is formed during a neutralization reaction between an acid and an alkali

What is the standard molar enthalpy of formation for ammonium chloride aq?

-299.65 kJ/mole

What is average bond enthalpy?

One mole of a particular bond is broken in the gas phase.

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