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Q: What 3 groups were allowed to vote in the south after the civil war?
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Why were slaves allowed to vote in the south before the civil war?


What group of people in the south was NOT allowed to vote or hold public office after the civil war?

I believe it was blacks.

Were the confederate soldiers allowed to vote when they returned home from the civil war?

No, they were not allowed to vote.

After the smoke had cleared from the Civil War were blacks still denied voting rights?

No, they were given the right to vote. ...they were legally allowed to vote but in the south some of the polls would throw their vote away if they were black.

Who was allowed to vote after the civil war?

African Americans

Are women allowed to vote in south Korea?


How did the role of women change in the civil war?

They were allowed to vote.

Why did grant win several southern states in the election of 1868?

the union troops allowed the African Americans to vote in large groups in the south and as a result of that Grant won the vote of six southern state

Why did Grant win a lot of southern states in 1868?

1868 was the first election after the Civil War. Many of the white voters in the South were not allowed to vote and the black voters gave Grant and the Republicans Why_did_Grant_win_a_lot_of_southern_states_in_1868for their freedom.

What 2 groups not allowed to vote in the house of burgesses?

Women and slaves

Why did the Civil War amendments have little effect in the South until 1965?

The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments were important to the Civil Rights Movement. The Thirteenth Amendment ended slavery in the United States. The Fourteenth Amendment allowed Blacks to have the same rights as Whites. The Fifteenth Amendment allowed Blacks to vote. They had little effect in the south until 1965 when the Civil War ended.

Should uneducated or ignorant people be allowed to vote in the US?

yes.because it is their civil right