Should blacks be able to vote?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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In the United States, African Americans were not effectively guaranteed the right to vote until 1965. Although in some places, blacks were allowed to vote long before the passage of the Voting Rights Act; and during one period (immediately after the Civil War), blacks were allowed to vote even in the deep South.

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Well this is an answer of opinion.

My opinion is that all people: no matter color, race, gender; should be able to vote! People are people and there should be no discrimination between white and black.

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Q: Should blacks be able to vote?
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When did blacks get to vote in England?

Black people have always been able to vote

How were blacks active in politics in the south?

they were able to vote.

Did blacks vote in the 1930's?

No, because blacks were segregated at that time so blacks couldn't vote.

What are the voting rights of blacks in the 1930?

In 1936 only the whites could vote. The blacks and women were not able to vote back then.

When blacks were given the right to vote did their vote count as a fraction of a vote?

Yes, Congress counted blacks as 1 third of a person

Should women be able to vote?

No. They’re easily manipulated, uninformed & vote purely on emotion or what’s deemed as popular.

In 1870 former black male slaves obtained the right to vote but what about blacks who were not slaves prior to that year?

in 1870 black African American slaves was able to vote

How was the blacks right to suffrage compromised?

Taxes to vote were raised in areas with high populations of African-Americans, making it difficult to impossible for them to be able to afford to vote.

Which best represents the view of the Southern delegates at the Constitutional Convention?

Blacks should be given the right to vote.

What is voting population of US by race?

the majority of blacks vote democrat the majority of whites vote republican hispanics are not as clean cut as blacks but the majority vote democrat

Why is it important for people to have the right to vote?

Because the are human and should be able to vote.

Why kids should be able to vote?

They shouldn't