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Yes, Congress counted blacks as 1 third of a person

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Q: When blacks were given the right to vote did their vote count as a fraction of a vote?
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Who gains civil rights in the US after blacks?

Women were given the right to vote in 1920.

Did bull coner go to jail for what he did after right were given to blacks?

No Coner did not go to jail.

Which best represents the view of the Southern delegates at the Constitutional Convention?

Blacks should be given the right to vote.

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Only a very small percentage of blacks are part of the Christian right.

What political party wanted harsh penalties for the South and full rights given to blacks including the right to vote?

They referred to themselves as "Radical Republicans" .

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Why is the 14th amendment important today?

because if it wasn't for the amendment the votes wouldn't count fully because of the discrimination of people

What right did the fifteenth amendment give to the blacks?

the right to vote

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Did blacks had the right to vote first?

Yes. Black male former slaves received the right to vote in 1870. Women fought for the same right until it was granted in 1920. but when did the blacks actually vote