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The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments were important to the Civil Rights Movement. The Thirteenth Amendment ended slavery in the United States. The Fourteenth Amendment allowed Blacks to have the same rights as Whites. The Fifteenth Amendment allowed Blacks to vote. They had little effect in the south until 1965 when the Civil War ended.

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Q: Why did the Civil War amendments have little effect in the South until 1965?
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The Thirteenth Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments are known as?

The thirteenth through fifteenth amendments are referred to as Reconstruction Amendments. These amendments came about after the Civil War. They were designed to help reconstruct the south after the war.

Why did hostility between the north and south continue even after the civil war was over?

Because the south was unhappy about the end of the civil war. Abraham Lincoln created amendments which gave rights to the slaves.

How did dred Scott influence the civil war?

It is likely that the Dred Scott decision had little direct effect on the Civil War. However, it is may be that the South felt more justified to pursue the war because of the decision.

What effect did the West have on the nation after the Civil War?

they wanted to move to the south

Why did the civil war amendments do little to protect the rights of african americans?

Civil War amendments did little to protect the rights of African Americans due to southern state adopting "Jim Crow laws". These laws demanded strict segregation in all public places. Signs that identified areas for either "white" or "Colored", sprang up throughout the south. Plessy v. Ferguson institutionalized the racism by deciding that since the segregation had nothing to do with slavery, it was not prohibited by the Constitution.

What effect did the War have on each north and south during the civil war?


What events led up to the passing of the tirteenth amendment?

There is not really one single event leading to these amendments. These amendments followed directly after the Civil War. They all are products of reconstruction. The fundamental idea behind these amendments followed from the Emancipation Proclamation (which was of itself of dubious legality); these three amendments attempted to ensure that slavery was permanently banned, that persons of color would be considered citizens of the United States, and that the Federal Government had the basic right to ensure that states implemented these rights and freedoms.

What effect did the Civil War have on the North and the South?

The Civil War had a huge effect on both the North and the South. In the South, many plantations and farms were destroyed and their owners were away fighting the war. In the North, women often took up jobs that were originally performed by their husbands.

What were the disadvantages of the south prior to the civil war?

little population north had much more than the south

How did states rights effect the north and south during the civil war?

South felt if they had the right to join the Union they could leave it

Which was one primary effect of the civil war?

South wanted slavery north didn't so they faut

What effect did the war have on the civil war have on the south economy?

pretty much smashed both of them for a few years