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Ethiopia and South Africa,

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No African countries practice Buddhism as their main religion.

Animism has probably been around since humans have been around. People have always wanted spiritual beliefs, and animism was the first form. In fact, there are a lot of people and countries in the world who still practice animism. Japan is one of them, with Shinto.

Evidence showed practice of animism and Hinduism.

Animism reflected West Africans' dependence on the natural world for survival.

Animism has its roots all over the world. Most peoples at least started with some form of animism, and some still practice it today. Japan's official religion, Shinto, is an example of animism. Many of the American Indian tribes were and still are animistic.

animism is belief in spirits probably some African tribes, native Americans, and you could say that shintoism in japan is an animistic belief

Some African countries practice female circumcision. All they are doing is mutilating the Clitoris so the women cannot have pleasure during sex. Some African Countries believe that during sexual intercourse the women does not have pleasure. The women is used as an object. A womb for a child and a sexual object.

Wherever Jews live. There are small numbers of Jews in every African country.

There are 54 African countries.

There is no founder of Animism.

Since Tanzania is one of the LEDCs, the have no enough equipments and trainers to train them.

They both say that everything in nature doesnt need a soul but should have one

In the African country of Niger, the main religion is Islam. Other religions that are practiced are Animism and Christianity.

Animism does not have holy days.

Caroline Rooney has written: 'African literature, animism and politics' -- subject(s): Animism in literature, African literature, Politics and literature, Postcolonialism in literature, Politics in literature, History and criticism 'Kipling and beyond' -- subject(s): Postcolonialism in literature, Criticism and interpretation, Globalization in literature

Ironically, in some African countries (such as Madagascar) slavery remains legal, while in Europe sexual slavery remains a common practice.

The largest of all African Countries is Algeria.

People practice Christianity in all the countries of the world.

Names of Caribbean countries that practice chritianity

People in many countries practice yoga. It is not restricted anywhere

Many countries that have democratically elected governments practice representative democracy. Countries like the US, the UK and most of the western countries practice representative democracy.

There are 54 countries in the African Union. The African Union was preceded by the Organisation of African Unity.

There are several central African countries. Some of the countries are Angola, Chad, and Rugabano.

there where 4000,00000,0000 followers of animism.

"Animism" is a noun of the abstract type.

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