What Aussie wine do you use instead of Burgundy?

For white, Chardonnay is the grape used, so find a cool, relatively, area of Australia, Margaret River perhaps, and get one from there, after that it depends on what style you're looking for, oaked or not etc. For example Chablis is unoaked and fruit driven whereas Chassange Montrachet would be have gone through MLF and some oak aging. The back label on the Aussie bottle will tell you how it's been made, for Burgundy however you'll need to know your communes!!

For red, again Margaret River is again a good area, try to find as light a style as possible of pinot noir.

You'll easily find a substitute for the Burgundian wines in Australia but you're better off just paying the extra and going for the original, they are some if the best wines in the world after all!