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What British television programs past and present are popular in the US?

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Answer 1I loved 'Coupling' that was on the BBC several years ago, I bought season 1 on DVD but haven't found any other season yet. There was an American version that bombed. Kinda like they did 'The Office'. Answer 2When we lived in the US - admittedly several years ago now - "Are you being Served?" was very popular. Answer 3Although I enjoyed "Are you being Served," my favorite was the Benny Hill show.j3h. Answer 4I also love " Are You Being Served" and I believe it is still being aired on Alabama Public Television late nites. Answer 5Many PBS stations carried several British comedies. Ours in Stark County,Ohio carries "Are You Being Served?" "As Time Goes By" "Keeping Up With Appearances" "Brittas Empire" (with Chris Barrie of Lara Croft/Tomb Raider movies), and several others at any given time. We used to get the British soap, "Eastenders." I loved that one.
2011-09-13 22:00:20
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