What Causes Volcanic Eruptions In The World?

Volcanic eruptions are caused when magma from the magma chamber of the Earth rises up the pipe and out of the vent. Magma is continuously supplied from the mantle of the Earth. Shield volcanoes usually have a gentle eruption, as it contains basic lava. Acid-lava and composite volcanoes usually have a violent eruption as it contains acidic lava. The vent of the volcano might also be blocked, causing the magma to force its way out, thus causing a huge explosion.

In a more specific way, volcanoes erupt when rock releases pressure. It spreads and creates magma and if the magma is felsic lava it will be thick and will create large eruptions but mafic lava is very watery and creates small runny explosions and it also depends what kind of volcano it is because its eruption varies upon its formation.

There are plates that are always shifting around in the ground. They move 1cm every day. When the plates collide,they make a big BOOM which cause the things in the volcano to heat up. Then the heat pushes everything to the opening in the volcano which causes it to erupt and shoot out.