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It varies. Perfect SAT scores have been rejected from Columbia. Low SATs are here and I know some of them. But GPA are all high. The SATs are not everything anymore. GPA is still a big factor. A 3.6 and lower will not get you in. A 3.8-3.9 is the average. A 4.0 is very common among accepted students. Good Luck

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Q: What GPA and SAT scores do you need to get into Columbia University of New York?
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39% SAT scores or 88% ACT scores

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Can you have your GED and Still go to University of Columbia?

I received my G.E.D and am wanting to register for the University of Columbia. What are my chances of getting into University of Columbia with a G.E.D? You need to contact the University of Columbia admittance office, and they will tell you, to make sure you have a accredited GED.

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how much does it cost for a year to go to the university of Illinois

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Is Columbia in the US?

You'll need to be more specific. The District of Columbia is in the US. Columbia Missouri and Columbia SC are in the US. Columbia University and Columbia College are in the US. Colombia (note the spelling) the country is not in the US.

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To get into a university you need at least a 3.5 and above plus good test scores on the SAT or ACT.

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A high school diploma and good SAT scores is a good place to start.

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no they dont consider essays or letters of recommendations ... your grades and scores need to get you in!

How much IQ do you need to get into any university?

115+ but with hard work and nolife i guess people with lower scores can finish it.

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I believe it is 200000000 points, I used to go to Michigan 5 years ago

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Nearly every university will accept the SAT scores. Which SAT test you need, that is the discretion of the university. Check the admissions page to see which one you need. It will most likely be the SAT1.

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If you want to attend a university to become a midwife, there are a few things that you will need. You will need a high school diploma, high school transcript, other college transcripts, and SAT or ACT scores.

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There is no minimum SAT score you need to get into Pace University. As of June 2014, the average scores of those admitted are 520 Verbal, 530 Math and 525 Writing.

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If you want to get into the University of Arkansas, you must have an ACT score at least a 20. You must also have an SAT score of at least a 930.