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It you are a US Citizen a valid State Identification is all you will require.

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Q: What Identification is needed to travel from the US to Puerto Rico?
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What form of identification do you need to travel to Puerto Rico as an American Citizen?

For a direct flight all that is needed is a valid ID issued by the state of residence.

What documents are needed to travel to Puerto Rico?

U.S Citizen need a valid photo ID to enter Puerto Rico.

Is a passport needed to travel from NYC to Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is American territory, so no passport is required for Americans.

Do you need passport to travel to Florida from Puerto Rico?

When traveling from Puerto Rico to Florida, no passport is needed. Puerto Rico is part of the US, as is Florida. Traveling from Puerto Rico to Florida is travel within the United States. Citizens do not need a passport to travel within the US, although they do need some form of government-issued photo identification to get on a commercial airplane and a passport will serve that function. Non-citizens who are in Puerto Rico have already entered the US using a passport (or similar document for Canadians) and so need only the identification they would need to travel within the US, for example, from Miami to Atlanta, to travel to Florida or other locations in the US.

Is a passport needed to travel from the us to puerto rico?

not necessary but recommended

Need passport for Puerto Rico?

Passports are not needed to travel on a direct flight from any of the US States to Puerto Rico and back.

Is a passport needed in order to enter the US from San Juan Puerto Rico?

No, a passport is not required for U.S. citizens to travel from Puerto Rico to the United States of America. A state-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license, is necessary for proving identity.

In order to travel to Puerto Rico you will need a because Puerto Rico is a of the United States?

You do not need any special documents such as a passport to go to Puerto Rico because it is considered a US territory. All you need is some sort of identification.

Do children need passport to go from US to Puerto Rico?

No. NO ONE needs a passport to travel from the US to Puerto Rico on a direct flight. One only needs some form of identification.

Does Southwest Airlines travel to Puerto Rico?

No, Southwest does not currently fly to Puerto Rico.

Can a felon travel to Puerto Rico?

Well if you're from the United States you can travel to Puerto Rico without a passport. Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory. Travel to and from the Island to another part of the United States is unrestricted.

Do you need a passport to travel from the US to Puerto Rico -?

No you do not need a passport to travel from the us to puerto rico. you do need a visa.

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