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Immunization against diseases such as measles and Hib prevents many of the illnesses that can cause mental retardation.

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Q: What Immunizations can prevent diseases that cause mental retardation?
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What childhood diseases can cause mental retardation?

Hyperthyroidism, whooping cough, chickenpox, measles, and Hib disease (a bacterial infection) may cause mental retardation if they are not treated adequately.

What are some differences between profound retardation and mental retardation?

Profound retardation is the most severe mental retardation.

Is dyslexia considered mental retardation?

no. dyslexia is not the same as mental retardation.

What are the different levels of mental retardation?

Profound mental retardation: Below 20 Severe mental retardation: 20-34 Moderate mental retardation: 35-49 Mild mental retardation: 59-60 Borderline intellectual functioning: 70-79

What conditions may cause a shorter life in those with mental retardation?

The diseases that are usually associated with severe retardation may cause the shorter life span.

Is mental retardation is curable?

No. Mental Retardation comes from genetics. Genetics can not be altered.

Does over-study causes mental retardation?

Overstudy does not cause mental retardation.

How does harmful drugs affect babies during pregnancy?

It can seriously harm the baby with physical and mental traits. It could have heart diseases or mental retardation for sure.

Did Lennie portray someone who has mental retardation?

Lennie Small did represent a character with mental retardation.

Exposure to what element can cause mental retardation?

Exposure to lead can also cause mental retardation.

Can you give me a literature review on mental retardation and depression?

literature review on mental retardation with reference

How can some cases of mental retardation be prevented?

Immunization against diseases such as measles and Hib prevents many of the illnesses that can cause mental retardation. In addition, all children should undergo routine developmental screening as part of their pediatric care

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