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What Is The Responsibility Of A Judge?

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To impartially hear a case and rule according to prevailing law to render just decisions.

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Can a judge tell you can not file anything more in the clerks office?

No.This is not the responsibility of the judge.

What is the primary responsibility of the supreme court?

to judge people for there wrong doing.

Which criminal justice actor has the responsibility of instructing the jury for rendering a verdict?

the Judge.

Who holds the responsibility for trying impeachment cases?

The Senator is the judge for every impeachment cases.

What was king Davids responsibility as Judge at the city Gate?

To destroy all those who opposed him

What are the responsibilities for judges?

The responsibility of a judge is to preside over trials and listening as attorneys respresent their clients.

What is a omission?

Something that has been left out of has been neglected. When someone has been given a responsibility and has failed in that responsibility. It is neglecting to do something; leaving out or passing over something. God will judge us on our omission to keep the commandments.

Can a mother sign over her parental rights voluntary to the father?

Like a father wishing to do this, it must be approved by a judge, however this does not cover financial responsibility.

How can cats be useful?

They are good for petting them, catching mice, and they are good friends who can't judge you, no matter what you do. They also can teach people, especially kids, a sense of responsibility.

Who are we to judge anyone for their mistakesShouldn't we allow God to do the judging?

What if there is no God? Ultimate responsibility to judge rests with no-one, and while judging people is generally not a great thing to do, we all do it. Unfortunately, that's just life. Have the courage to question judgments of all kinds, and to accept when they are relevant.

What is an example sentence with the word responsibility?

Will you grow up? Show some responsibility in your life.

Can you file for divorce before your chapter 13 bankruptcy is discharged?

The judge handling the divorce proceedings would rule on what portion of the 13 payments would be the responsibility of each party.

Which type of responsibility relates to a formal assignment of property responsibility to soldiers?

Types of responsibility to a formal assignment responsibility to soldiers are supervisory, direct and custodial responsibility. Also there is direct responsibility.

What are the different types of responsibility centers?

what are responsibility centres, functions of responsibility centers and types of responsibility centers.

Who has the final say on a law or verdict in a case?

In a courtroom, during the process of a trial, the Judge is the final arbiter on the conduct of the trial and the law. The Jury has the responsibility of reaching a verdict (as directed by the Judge). Once a trial is over, higher, appellant courts can review the trial and if need be can alter the outcome.

What are the four levels of social responsibility in an organization?

1.Economic Responsibility;2. Legal Responsibility;3.Ethical Responsibility; &4.Discretionary Responsibility;

What are connotations of responsibility?


State two ways a person could take responsibility for protecting peoples rights?

Become a law enforcement officer Become a civil rights attorney be a politician (cringe); be a judge

Why must the trustee of an irrevocable insurance trust make the premium payment?

As trustee that is their responsibility.As trustee that is their responsibility.As trustee that is their responsibility.As trustee that is their responsibility.

Name six Responsibilities of citizenship?

TO PAY TAXES Responsibility to voteResponsibility to get a good educationResponsibility to get a career/jobResponsibility to get a houseResponsibility to earn moneyResponsibility to earn food

Can parents enter an agreement stating that in the event of divorce that one parent will not request child support from the other parent?

Generally, no. That's because a child has the right to be supported by both parents. A judge would not enforce that agreement since it runs counter to social responsibility, legal responsibility and public policy.

Duties of HR assistant?

interviews responsibility training responsibility screening responsibility

Is voting a duty or responsibility?

a responsibility

How do you spell responsibility?

It's responsibility.

What are the advantages of responsibility accounting?