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The Orange Tiger Lilly Butterfly is the most rare Butterfly of all.

It is also the most delicate butterfly of all because the wings are thinner that paper and they harm easily that is why the are so rare.

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What colors does a rare butterfly have?

A butterfly is classed as rare if there are not many left in the natural world. Therefore they can be of any color. Most butterflies have some variant of black and red and gold on their wings.

What is most rare butterfly?

Palos Verdes Blue

Are white butterflies rare?

White butterflies are generally not that rare. There is one specie of white butterfly that lives in Britain that are rare, they are called the wood white butterfly.

Is a silver studded blue butterfly rare?

If it sounds rare, it is rare. My guess is the latter.

How much money for a rare butterfly?


How many babies does a morpho butterfly have?

How many babies a morpho butterfly has is not listed. This is a rare species of butterfly and is poisonous when it reaches adulthood.

Is a green butterfly rare?

Somtimes. Green Butterflies can be rare in sertan places, so if your looking for a green butterflie go to a place were its not rare. Got it.

What is the most colorful butterfly?

The green arch and monarch butterfly are the colorful butterfly!

What is the name of that movie with a rare butterfly?

It's a moth, and the movie was "The Silence of the Lambs."

The most prettiest butterfly in the world?

monarch butterfly minnesota's butterfly find pic

What butterfly has the longest life span and facts about it?

i would say the monarch butterfly even though it is very rare to see but i think the monarch butterfly has the longest life span. i hope this helps :)

What is the most common species of butterfly?

the most common species in nz is the monarch butterfly

Are all butterflies symmetrical?

Symmetry is a trait that most butterflies share. There are some cases where a butterfly may have different markings on each wing, but it is very rare.

What does a blue butterfly symbolize?

A blue butterflies are thought to have special meaning with them being rare to see. A butterfly that is blue in color symbolizes a change in luck and joy.

The most well known butterfly in the rainforest?

blue morpho butterfly

What are the most common butterflies in New Zealand?

Small white butterflyMonarch butterflyRed Admiral butterfly

What is the most common butterfly?

There are billions of types of butterflies but i think that the most common butterfly is a monarchmonarch butterflies.

Where would someone find the most butterflies?

in a butterfly exibit in a butterfly exibit

What is the binomial name for a monarch butterfly?

The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is a milkweed butterfly (subfamily Danainae) in the family Nymphalidae. It is probably the most recognizable butterfly.

Which butterfly is the strongest?

Scientists proove that the monarch butterfly appears to be the most strongest butterfly created since the 19th century.

What is the most common type of butterfly?

There are two butterfly's that are known as the most common. The two most common butterflies are the Sulphurs and Whites butterfly.

What is the most rare Ferrari?

The most rare Ferrari is the 250gto.

What is the average lifespan for a butterfly?

the avarage lifespan for a butterfly is 5-10 days at the most

What Pokemon looks like a butterfly?

butterfree and beautyfly look most like a butterfly.

What butterfly is bad tasting for birds?

The Monarch butterfly is bitter-tasting to most birds.

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