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Kane and the undertaker are half brothers. That's why the Undertaker got in trouble most of the time. When they were young they set there parents on fire. Kane is not really evil nor the Undertaker. They just play a character for the WWE business.

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Q: What Kane history?
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Kane beat Chavo Gurero in 08 sec.

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How did Kane fight Kane?

kane fight kane means one kane is imposter kane that is undertaker came in disguise of kane and fought with him.By this way" kane vs kane" was happened

Is Kane undertaker's best friend?

In real life,considering their history in the ring,i would have thought so.

Which WWE superstar holds the record with 11 consecutive royal rumble match appearancesthe most in history?


What superstar has had the most WWE matches in history?

the true answer is kane with so far a total of around 900 matches!

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Kane got his mask and killed the fate Kane

History of Kane and undertaker?

Kane and undertaker are brothers, and they've always hated each other. they've competed in inferno matches, burried alive matches, and casket matches. Kane has always seemed to have gotten rid of undertaker, but the undertaker always seems to "return from the dead". it's been a while since taker and Kane have been in the same ring. (as of may 2012) but don't expect that to last long ;)

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Is abyss the masked Kane?

No. Kane is still on Friday Night Smackdown. Abyss is on TNA. That is wrong the Kane on wwe is the new Kane the original Kane could be Abyss

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masked Kane

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Is Citizen Kane Charles Foster Kane is newpaper tycoon?

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While there will always be disagreements about this, Citizen Kane is generally considered the best movie ever made.

At match original Kane vs masked Kane who was the masked Kane?

it was hhh