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RIP uses UDP and Port 520

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Q: What Layer 4 protocol does RIP use and what is its port number?
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What layer 4 protocol does RIP use?

RIP uses UDP protocol with port number 520

What layer protocol does RIP use?

RIP is a IGP protocol that allows routers to advertise what they know about their routes to other routers. Since routers operate at the network layer (3), so does RIP.

What is RIP routing protocol?

Routing Information Protocol = RIP

What protocol is RIP?

RIP stands for routing information protocol. It is an intra domain routing protocol.

What is the port number RIP uses?

Udp - 520.

Difference between of rip v1 and rip v2?

Rip V1 is Classful routing protocol Rip V2 is Classless routing Protocol

What is rip protocol?

RIP is a protocol used by routers to exchange information about their routing tables. In dynamic routing, a router learns from other routers about possible routes by advertising what they know. RIP is a protocol that can do that.

What is the oldest routing protocol?


What is Routing information protoc RIP?

RIP is a routing protocol - a protocol (set of rules) that allows a router to exchange information, with other routers, about existing routes.

What protocol enables routers to build tables of routing information?

Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

What metric does the RIP routing protocol consider to be infinity?


What does RIP stand for concerning computers?

Routing Information Protocol.

What routing protocol would you select for a small network?


What is the maximum hop count that the RIP routing protocol can support?


At what layer in the osi model would you find protocols such as rip and ospf?

OSPF and RIP are used in the network layer of the ISO model.

What layer does the routing protocols belongs to?

Rip and BGP is in Application layer Ospf is in Transport Layer

What routing protocol performs auto summarization by default?


Default update period in seconds for the RIP routing protocol?

30 Seconds

What are some identifying features of routing information protocol RIP?

It uses hop count in route selection. It is a distance-vector protocol.

What is RIP listener?

RIP listener waits for route updates sent by routers that use the routing information protocol in a corporate LAN.

How do you set default root in a router by using dynamic routing?

If the network uses the RIP protocol, router A will determine that all paths have equal cost. If the network uses the RIP protocol, router A will update only the A-C-E path in its routing table. If the network uses the EIGRP routing protocol, router A will determine that path A-D-E has the lowest cost. If both RIP and EIGRP protocols are configured on router A, the router will use the route information that is learned by the RIP routing protocol.

Which protocol used for routing?

A routing protocol is a protocol that routers use to tell each other about available routes. Some of the routing protocols include RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP.

Which routing protocol uses hop count to determine the BEST path to a destination?


What type of routing protocol is RIP?

Routing is of two types static and dynamic . In dynamic routing there are two protocols interior and exterior. Interior routing is inside an autonomous system and Exterior routing is between an autonomous system.RIP is short for routing information protocol. RIP is an interior protocol that is used inside an autonomous system.

What is the default update period in seconds for the RIP routing protocol?

Every 20 Milliseconds it updates.