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What Louisiana river has been altered by humans more than any other?

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I would say that would have to be the Mississippi River.

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What state is on the other side of the Mississippi River from Vicksburg?


What is a major river in Louisiana?

A major river in Louisiana is the Mississippi River.

What is the second largest river in Louisiana?

The Red River is the second largest river in Louisiana.

Louisiana major rivers?

One major river in the state of Louisiana is the Mississippi River. The Red River and the Oachita River are also important rivers in Louisiana.

What river is Louisiana built on?

The entire state of Louisiana is the mouth of the Mississippi River which makes mapping Louisiana a bit complicated since the river is always changing.

What were the eastern boundaries of the US after the Louisiana Purchase?

The same as it was before the Louisiana Purchase: the Atlantic Ocean.The Louisiana Purchase (Mississippi River Valley) altered the western boundaries of the US, extending it to Texas and Mexico in the Southwest, and the nominal Spanish and Mexican claims along the Rocky Mountains.

What river flows from Minnesota to Louisiana?

The Mississippi river flows from Minnesota to Louisiana.

What was a river explored by Lewis and clark other than the Mississippi and the Missouri?


Is nuclear energy used in Louisiana?

There are two commercial nuclear reactor sites in Louisiana, one at River Bend, and the other at Waterford.

Which river borders the Louisiana Territory to the east?

The Mississippi River borders the Louisiana Territory to the east.

The what river separates Texas from Louisiana?

The Sabine River separates the lower half of Texas from Louisiana.

What is the largest river in Louisiana?

the Mississippi river

What is the major river in Louisiana?

Souile river

What is the deepest river in Louisiana?

The deepest river in Louisiana is the Atchafalaya River. This river measures just over 33 feet deep at its deepest point.

Louisiana Purchase streched from the Mississippi River to where?

Louisiana purchase stretched from the Mississippi river to the rocky mountains.

What river forms more land Louisiana or Vermont?


What river represents the lace of Louisiana?

the Mississippi River

What river borders the Louisiana Territory?

the mississippi river

The body of water south of Louisiana is called what?

The Gulf of Mexico.The Gulf of Mexico borders Louisiana to the south. Other major bodies of water in Louisiana include the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain.

What does the red river in Louisiana flow into?

The Red River flows into the Mississippi River.

Which river flows into the Minnesota river?

It is the Mississippi River that flow from Louisiana from Minnesota.

Where is the deepest river in the US?

The lost river in Kentucky

What is the name of Louisiana longest river?

Mississippi river Mississippi river

What river has the second largest river drainage area in Louisiana?

red river

What Louisiana river flows to Lake Borgne?

Mississippi river