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What Medicines can put a dog in heat?

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The medicines that make a dog go into heat are dopamine agonists. There is also some evidence that Desorelin implants are effective.

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Can a dog be put to sleep at home rather than the vets?

The vet has medicines that put dogs to sleep, and these medicines are controlled substances and not available to the general public. I know because we also wanted to put our older dog to sleep at home, but they don't sell the medicines to dog owners. There may be vets that make house calls, but they are the ones who usually deal with the larger animals and not dogs. If it is a cost issue, call around, we found that there is a wide range of cost for this service.

How do you put your dog under?

You don't, because you don't have the medicines to make it painless. Go to your vet or a shelter and have them do it humanely so that your dog doesn't suffer.

How do you intocourse?

you get a hot dog, heat it up, and put it in its warm bun.

Do you have to put your dog into another dog to mate?

No you don't, when the time is right in the females heat cycle, he will do it instinctively.

Is it normal for your dog not to eat while she is in heat?

Your dog should feel relaxed while it probably had a fun time chasing toys in the sun already. It was proven that the dog is put in discomfort while eating in the heat.

How is dog meat prepared in china?

In China, people cook dog meat in many ways. They grab dog meat and throw it into the pot. They heat the dog meat, put salt, put oil, put soy sauce, put vinegar, put garlic, and put onions. They stir the dog meat and start mixing up When the dog meat is done cooking, people send the meat to the dinner table.

Can a female dog put out a smell of being in heat went not?

Yes, they release pheromones.

What do i do if my male dog doesnt want my female dog when she is in heat?

Put them in aroom together and trust me they will start doing the things they need to.

Can a dog be in heat during pregnancy?

No. If your dog is pregnant then she should not come into heat and if your dog is in heat, then she's not pregnant.

Can I give my dog benedryl for her allergies?

no, dogs have separate medicines

Can a dog get pregnant when not on heat?

A dog must be in heat to get pregnant. Heat is basically her ovulation cycle.

Can a dog be put in heat by a male even when she not in heat?

No she cannot be brought into heat by a male being around her. She will cycle every 6 months on average. If she is near another female in heat, that might bring her into an earlier heat.

Will a dog throw up during heat?

During the heat cycle a dog may or may not vomit, this depends on the health of the dog. Thees factors may put a risk on this event occurring. .poor nutrition .obesity .digestive abnormalities .stomach abnormalities .a prior delivery of the dog

Should you bathe a dog that is in heat?

You can bath your dog if she is heat. It is safe.

How do tell a dog is on heat?

The dog will normally start bleeding if it is in heat.

Can a dog in heat make another dog go into heat?


How can you describe roasting a hot dog but not using roast hot dog fire stick?

You put a wiener on a skewer and heat it evenly over a flame??

What medicine can you give your dog?

Depends on the weight of the dog and the medicines specific recommendations. No blanket answer works here.

How many times a dog urinates if she is in heat?

A dog urinates the same if she is in heat, heat does not affect her urination

Is dog heat the same as dog period?

No because dog heat is when dogs mate and dog periods are when they bleed from their private part.

How do you care for your dog when she is in heat?

when my dogs in heat i put and old towel where she sleeps, because when dogs go on heat they often bleed. Also make sure she always has plenty of water to drink.

How much lodine can you give your 66 lb dog?

Don't give medicines to a dog without a vet's advice.

Will benyadryl hurt your dog?

Do not give your dog any drugs or medicines whatsoever without asking a veterinarian first.

My dog is 13 years old and has nerve damage and difficulty walking the vet put him on steriods but is there anything else I can do I would like to find a cure for him?

You can Use Homoepathic medicines

How long does a female dog go into heat?

how long does a female dog go in heat?

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