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The codes from these cars and the data port are unique. You can buy a cable and palm pilot equipped with the software to read the codes on Ebay for about $50. Search for DSM datalogger.

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Q: What ODB reader can you buy to read codes on a 1992 Plymouth Laser or Mitsubishi Eclipse?
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What vehicles parts interchange with a 93 Plymouth Laser 2.0L?

Mitsubishi eclipse and Eagle Talon of the same year.

Will a 1994 talon transmission fit any other car?

Plymouth Laser 92-94 and Mitsubishi Eclipse 93-94 for the 2.0L engine.

Will 1992 eagle talon 5 speed transmission go into 1993 Plymouth lazier?

Yes it will work the Mitsubishi eclipse, eagle talon and the Plymouth laser are all technically the same car with just a couple trim differences all the parts are interchangeable between them.

When was Plymouth Laser created?

Plymouth Laser was created in 1990.

Will a Eclipse 2.0 liter motor fit in a 1992 Plymouth Laser frame?

yup use to have a 93 eclipse same car with a 2.0 in it 1.8 came out of the car

Were can you get a diagram of a 1990 Plymouth laser motor?

your best bet would be to pick up a hynes manual for the 90-94 eclipse talon and laser autozone sells them for about 20 bucks

Where may you purchase a transmission dipstick for your 1990 Plymouth laser?

Try a Dodge dealer, Mitsubishi dealer, Ebay, local salvage yard, etc.

90 Plymouth laser 1.8L and you want to know where is the connection for de code reader or obd1 scanner?

how long do the 1.8 L last i have one that has 109,000 miles

What is the firing order for a 1994 Plymouth laser?

1994 Plymouth Laser was not made firing order is 1 3 4 2 for the 1.8L engine

Does a 1991 Plymouth laser make a 1.6 dohc?

no the smallest the company put in a laser was a 1.8

How do you set the timing on a Plymouth laser?

You need a timing light

1990 Plymouth laser lobes after warmup?

Is It a turbo car or not?

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