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What ODB reader can you buy to read codes on a 1992 Plymouth Laser or Mitsubishi Eclipse?


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2005-01-09 01:49:17
2005-01-09 01:49:17

The codes from these cars and the data port are unique. You can buy a cable and palm pilot equipped with the software to read the codes on Ebay for about $50. Search for DSM datalogger.


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Mitsubishi eclipse and Eagle Talon of the same year.

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Plymouth Laser 92-94 and Mitsubishi Eclipse 93-94 for the 2.0L engine.

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Yes it will work the Mitsubishi eclipse, eagle talon and the Plymouth laser are all technically the same car with just a couple trim differences all the parts are interchangeable between them.

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Plymouth Laser was created in 1990.

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yup use to have a 93 eclipse same car with a 2.0 in it 1.8 came out of the car

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