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The part of the tooth that has the nerves in it is right under the crown of your tooth ''aka'' the top part of your tooth and they travel down into you gums hope this help's

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Q: What Part of the tooth with nerve?
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What is the name of the part of the tooth hidden inside the tooth?

The 'pulp' is the nerve of the tooth.

What part of the tooth detects hot and cold?

he nerve

If you nerve is removed from you tooth will you tooth die?


Place in the tooth where nerves and blood vessels are found?

The part of a tooth where the nerve and blood vessels are found is called the pulp chamber.

What causes a tooth's nerve to die?

A cracked tooth or a damaged deep filling can cause a tooth's nerve to die. Grinding teeth can also cause nerve damage.

Cranial nerve and number for a tooth?

trigeminal nerve

Can I put brake fluid on qtip and kill nerve in my tooth?

Does brake fluid,kill tooth nerve

How do you kill a tooth nerve?

With fire...

Where are the nerves in teeth found?

The nerve endings are found in the pulp cavity centre of the tooth, the nerve is carried in the tooth root.

Where in the tooth are the nerves?

There are no nerves IN a tooth. The nerve is above the tooth. That's why when it's loose and you eat, your tooth hurts. Hope this helps

What is the function of nerves in the tooth?

You might think that a tooth's nerve tissue is vitally important to a tooth's health and function, but in reality it's not. A tooth's nerve tissue plays an important role in the growth and development of the tooth, but once the tooth has erupted through the gums and has finished maturing the nerve's only function is sensory, it provides the tooth with the ability to feel hot and cold.In regards to the normal day to day functioning of our mouths, the sensory information provided by a single tooth is really quite minimal. Dentists realize that on a practical level it is pretty much academic whether a tooth has a live nerve in it or not. If a tooth's nerve tissue is present and healthy, wonderful. But if a tooth has had its nerve tissue removed during root canal treatment that's fine too, you will never miss it.

Can a rotted tooth nerve tooth still in be killed with clove oil app?

Beats me.

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