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What Plant Parts Are Inside The Plants Root System?


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A plant has two organ systems. The shoot system is above ground and includes the organs such as leaves, buds, stems, flowers or fruits. The root system includes those parts of the plant below ground, such as the roots, tubers, and rhizomes.


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Xylem transports water to parts of the plant (it is the vascular system). If plants can not get water, the plant will die.

Plant consider as an organ system because plants has a transportation system , the roots of plants carries water from ground and transport in all parts of plant .Plants has also a process of photosynthesis,in which they give oxygen and take carbon dioxide from atmosphere.

All plants reproduce in some way from plant parts.

Phloem is a tissue in higher plants that conducts synthesised food substances to all parts of the plant.

Photosynthesis takes place mostly inside the plants leaves as that is where the most chloroplast is kept.

There are different plants with different parts but most plants have about 16 parts.

Like animals, some plants do possess a vascular system that helps in transporting water and minerals from the soil to all parts of the plant and synthesized carbohydrates from leaves to all parts of the plant. These plants are called as vascular plants. The vascular plants bear two special types of tissues that are xylem tissues and phloem tissues that help in transportation within the plant.metabolism systems

So that the food, water and mineral salts can get to all parts of the plant.

yes,they have circulatory system which consist of stem,which circulate the food made by leaves to other parts of the plant.

what are 2 parts in a male plant what are 2 parts in a male plant

Muco-polusacchariden are the effective plant parts (first aid)inside the aloe vera plants

Plant cells live inside plants.

No, flowers are a parts of a plant. Some plants don't have flowers, but all flowers come from plants.

root system &shoot system root systems- underground parts of plant shoot system- parts outside

A spider plant can be inside and outsode.

Plants get reactants from the water, light and from inside the plant itself.

Parts of plant that are NOT common to plants are: 1. flowers 2. fruits 3. seed

It protects the inner parts of the plant

The stem, roots, petals...These are several parts of a flower plant. However different plants vary in parts.

what name of plants that all parts can be eaten

The main parts of photosynthesis is the fact that plants are getting their food and nutrients from the sun. Another important process through photosynthesis is that the process takes place inside the cells in the plant in the chloroplast which gives the plant its greenish color

Plant parts are swollen in many cases due to storage of food. In some aquatic plants, some plant parts like leaf petiole are swollen due to air chambers so that these plants can float in water.

In growing plants in an aeroponics grow room, the water and nutrient system is placed inside the semi-closed container and the plant and the root system is placed above it. The plants will have their roots hanging down from the elevated platform.

Yes, plants have chromoplasts. It gives color to the various parts of plants. But some plant cells do not contain them.

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