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Tasmanian devils eat possums

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Q: What Tasmanian devil mammals and possums eat?
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What do Tasmanian Devils eat in the zoo?

The Tasmanian Devil eats insects, mammals up to the size of a wombat, and carrion.

Does a Tasmanian devil eat another Tasmanian devil?

Tasmanian devils do not eat other live Tasmanian devils. They will, however, readily feed on the carcass of another Tasmanian devil that has died.

Do Tasmanian devils eat stoats?

If there were stoat in Tasmania, which there are not, it is likely that the Tasmanian devil would eat them, if the opportunity arose. Tasmanian devils favour small mammals, but the stoat could possibly be too quick and fierce to be caught.

Can you eat a Tasmanian devil?

No doubt the indigenous Tasmanian Aboriginal people ate Tasmanian devils from time to time. However, it is illegal to harm - let alone eat - a Tasmanian devil now.

Are sloths mammals marsupials or carnivores?

Marsupial has to do with how the young are born and cared for. Carnivore is about what they eat. There are carnivore marsupials - like the Tasmanian Devil. Sloths are mammals, NOT marsupials, and NOT carnivores.

Does possums eat hamsters?

No. True possums, which are marsupials found in Australia and on nearby islands, do not eat hamsters. There are no hamsters in Australia, and possums do not eat other mammals.

Do Tasmanian devils eat live animals?

Live animals do make up part of the Tasmanian devil's diet. They wil eat insects, snakes, birds, fish and mammals up to the size of wallabies. However, most of their diet is made up of carrion, which means dead animals. The Tasmanian devil is bith a scavenger and a hunter.

How can the Tasmanian devil eat bones?

The Tasmanian devil has particularly strong jaws which are powerful enough tobute through bones.

Can a tiger eat a Tasmanian devil?

If the two species occupies the same continent, which they do not, then a tiger could very easily eat a Tasmanian devil. Currently, there are no opportunities for tigers to consume Tasmanian devils.

Do foxes eat Tasmanian devils?

Foxes can be predators of young Tasmanian devils. They are no match for an adult Tasmanian devil.

How much does a Tasmanian devil eat a day?

A Tasmanian devil can eat about 15% of its body weight a day, but it will eat up to 40% of its body weight in 30 minutes if the chance arises.

Do Tasmanian devils eat rabbits?

Yes: Tasmanian devils eat rabbits, as well as other small mammals.

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