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Several states, such as Arizona, were part of territories that also formed other states (Arizona was part of the New Mexico territory, and Washington part of the Oregon territory).

However, only four states have been created from existing states. West Virginia and Kentucky were both split off from Virginia: Kentucky in 1790 and West Virginia during the Civil War. Most of Tennessee consists of areas once part of North Carolina, which were split into the Southwest Territory from 1790 to 1796. The state of Vermont was originally claimed by both New Hampshire and New York. Its residents established an independent republic from 1777 to 1791, when it became the 14th US state.

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Q: What US states were once part of other states?
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Most of them now live in the states of California, Texas and other southern states that were once part of Mexico.

What countries are considered part of the US?

There are no other countries that are a part of the United States. The United States of America is its own country.

What states of the us are not part of the continuous states?

Hawaii and Alaska do not border other states.However, the correct term for the "lower 48" is the contiguous states of the US.

Are amendments considered part of the constitution?

Yes, once an amendment is ratified by the required number of states, it becomes part of the US Constitution.

What two states are not contiguous?

The two states that are not contiguous are Alaska and Hawaii. The other 48 states are part of the continental US.

Did Texas have a big part in the Spanish American War?

No more then the other US States.

Which countries border South Dakota?

South Dakota is part of the United States, so it is surrounded by other US states.

What region of the us is Alaska located?

Alaska is part of the region of the US referred to as the Pacific States. The other states in this region are California, Oregon, Hawaii, and Washington.

Are North Carolina and some other states going to split up from the US in 2012?

No- none of the states of the US want to leave the United States. North Carolina is very happy to be a part of the US nowadays.

What were the US states divided into other states?

There have been 5 states created from lands once part of other states:Vermont declared independence from New York and New Hampshire and was a separate republic from 1777 to 1791.Tennessee was originally part of North Carolina, until ceded to the federal government as the Southwest Territory in 1790.Kentucky was part of Virginia until it separated to become a state in 1792.Maine voted to separate from Massachusetts in 1820, becoming the 23rd US state.West Virginia was created in 1863 from the western counties of Virginia that supported the Union in the US Civil War.

Was there ever 52 states in US?

As the United States does not allow for the secession of a state once it enters the Union (that is, once joined, a state can never legally leave), and the current count of states is 50, there has never been 52 states. That is, it is legally impossible for more states to have once been part of the United States than the current count of states, at any given point in history. (Note: that even during the US Civil War, the Union side considered the Confederate side to NOT have legally left the Union, so that there was no reduction in the number of states still legally part of the United States).

How many states don't have a snow ski resort?

I guess, most states in the US has ski resorts. Maybe except Texas or other deserted part of US

Which of the two states are not part of the 48 contiguous US?

The two states not part of the 48 contiguous US are Hawaii and Alaska.

Is Puerto Rico part of the contiguous US?

Puerto Rico is part of the Unite States but it is not part of the contiguous United States. Puerto Rico is an island. Being contiguous means being next to. The continuous US consists of the 48 states that have land borders with one another, and thus are "next to," or contiguous with, each other. Except for minor coastal islands that are part of states, you can eventually drive or walk from any place in the contiguous US to any other place in the contiguous US without going into another country or crossing any body of water other than a river.

When and how did Louisiana become part of the US?

The US bought Louisiana (and around 12 other states) in 1803 from Napoleon (who was the ruler of France)

What are two states that don't border other states?

Alaska and Hawaii are US states that don't border other US states.

What is Government monarchy in the US?

The Bush family, where the US Presidency goes from father to son and (who knows) to other son.

The forty-eight states that touch each other are called contiguous name the states that are not part of the contiguous us?

alaska and hawaii

What two states are not part of the contiuous US?

There are two states that are not part of the contiguous United States. The first is Hawaii, which is located out from California in the Pacific Ocean. The other is Alaska, which juts out of Canada, and is not far at all from Russia.

What two states that are border each other and make up the main part of the US?

The Answer is Maine and Vermont

Part or all of which states can be reached by land only if you leave the us?

One is Alaska, the other is Hawaii :]

What cities and states are not part of the us?

There are much too many cities and states to name that are not a part of the US.

Which state of US was a french colony?

There are fifteen US states that were wholly or in part part of french colonies. These states were part of the Louisiana territory that the US purchased in 1804 from the French government. The current states that once had territory in the Louisiana territory include: Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Texas, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

How is Hawaii a part of the US?

It is one of the 50 US States.

Which states of US was once a french colony?


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