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You should use the R45TS spark plug on a 1992 RS Camaro.

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Q: What acdelco spark plug should I use in an 1992 RS Camaro with a 305 5.0liter R45TS or CR45TS?
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Will a 1985 camaro steering column work for a 1983 camaro?

yes they are of the same generation of camaro so it should be interchangeable

Will a dashboard from a 1988 Camaro fit on a 1991 Camaro?

It should. Both years are 3rd generation so it should fit in.

Will a 1985 camaro door fit on 1984 z28 camaro?

yes it will. any camaro door 82-92 should fit

Should you put a turbo or a supercharger in your Camaro?

Yes I have one in my 96 camaro and it is awesome!

Does a Steering Column from a 1992 Camaro work in a 1992 Camaro Z28?

should be the same thing.

What year models Camaro doors will interchange to fit your 1996 Camaro?

should be 93-97 camaro. i don't believe firebird/trans ams will work

What other steering columns will work in a 1984 Camaro?

Any column from a 1982-92 Camaro/Firebird should work

What is the price of a 2009 Camaro?

I think the 2009 Camaro Price should range between $22,500.00 to 30,500.00.

Will 98 Camaro rear end fit in 95 Camaro?

yes it should as it's basically the same body.

Where is ERG valve on 1995 Camaro 3.4L?

on a '95 camaro the EGR valve should be next to the radiator hose

What steering columns fit a 1999 camaro?

Any column from a 1993-2002 Camaro/Firebird should work

Does a 82 Camaro hood fit on a 87 Camaro?

It should fit because they had the same front end from 82 - 90

Which is faster a 2002 v6 Camaro or a 2002 v6 mustang?

The Camaro has about 230 hp and the mustang has 140 hp but besides that its all about the driver I beat an 02 mustang in my camaro in the 1/4 by almost 2 seconds Another answer well I am pretty sure ford re did the engine in 99 and the hp is 180hp and the camaro should be 200-210 camaro should when by 2 sec. at most.

How much will a current day camaro cost in 5 years?

a used camaro should cost somewhere in the 20000s in 5 years

How much should I spend on a new camaro?

about $34k

Will fifth gen Camaro rims fit a third gen Camaro?

I believe that the 5th gen 20'' rims will fit the 3rd gen Camaro. i know that they will fit the 4th gen so should fit the 3rd

Will a 1989 2.8 s 10 engine bolt up in a 1989 Camaro?

If you have a 2.8 engine in your camaro it should bolt right up.

Will the steering column out of a 1987 Camaro fit in a 1991 Camaro?

yes it should all be the same including wiring hookups from 82-92

Can i replace the 4L60 trans in my 96 camaro Z28 with a 4L60e trans out of a 98 Z28?

The Camaro started using the 4L60-E in 1994, so that's what your 96 Camaro should be set up for already.

What gears does a 94 Z28 camaro have?

3.42 should be stock.

What should the fuel pressure be on a 1997 z28 camaro?


Will a1998 Camaro engine fit a 1994 Camaro?

If you have all the front parts then yes, you should need to replace the headlights, fenders hood, and then the nose.

Where is a the starter located on a 98 V6 Camaro?

The starter on a 98 V6 Camaro should be on the side of the engine block. It is close to the rear at the bell housing.

Should all headlamps be lit under high beam on a 1999 Camaro?

Yes they should.

Will a 1994 v6 Camaro transmission fit a Chevy 350?

it should cause the iroc and the 94 camaro use the same transmission and the 94 v6 camaro transmission will fit the 94 z28 the only problem is that if you are a tire kicker and its a stick shift it wont hold up to the power but if its a automatic you should be fine