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What acne medications are safe during pregnancy?

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September 13, 2011 5:21PM

Maybe I am an extremist, but I would have to say I would not risk taking any medications during pregnancy. It always seams years down the road doctors find out the things they said were safe, actually were not. Better off safe than sorry. They will reasure you that this is safe, and that is safe, but without proper testing over an extended period of time, there is no way to know what is safe and isn't. It is like the old vaccinations that came out, I believe it was in the early sixtees. My Mom was one of the hundreds of thousands who got it. Now over forty years later they are finding that all the people who had that vaccine developed a rare form of deadly cancer from ages about 20-40. Look how long it took them to pick up on that? Over forty years! Don't trust what they say, do it Gods way!