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In windows operating system, the control panel is used to manage and configure the user's operating system. It provides functionality to manage the applications installed, change the themes to accessibility options. Some of the main actions that one can perform are :-

  1. Appearance and theme : customize the looks of the system. colours, themes, wallpapers etc.
  2. Network and internet connections : manage the network and related settings
  3. Add and remove programs
  4. Sound speech and audio devices : manage the drivers of such devices
  5. Performance and maintainance : tools for them
  6. Printer and other hardware : drivers for all hardware on the computer
  7. User accounts : manage the accounts on the current computer
  8. Date, time, language and regional options : to change the language locale, date and time
  9. Accessibility options
  10. Security Center : manage the security of the system, set antivirus and firewall settings and manage them.
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Q: What actions can you perform from the Control Panel?
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What actions can you not perform from the Control Panel?

Disable elevation prompts for applications tasks only

An access control list or ACL?

An access control list (or ACL) defines who can perform actions on a file or folder.

What is Access Control Lists?

A file, the contents of which defines who can perform actions on a file or folder

Why isn't my control panel working?

Your computer might be affected by virus. Perform a virus scan. Or re-install your OS!

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What is Control panel explain?

control panel is amaage fui.

What tool is used to enable remote desktop on a server?

System Properties in Control Panel.

How do you change the control panel back to icons?

In Windows XP, go to Control Panel, and on the panel on the left side of the window, click "Switch to Classic view".In Windows Vista, go to Control Panel on the panel on the left side of the window, click "Classic View".In Windows 7, in the Control Panel, click "All Control Panel Items".

Where do you find the nvidia geforce control panel on computers?

In the computers control panel

What is a control panel password?

A password you need to change things in the control panel.

What windows feature do you use to customize computer setting?

The Control Panel