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What activities should you do in Maui?


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June 15, 2008 2:55AM

First.... As soon as you land at the Kahului Airport head straight for the Barnes and Noble bookstore in the Maui Marketplace. Go straight out of the airport you will be on Dairy road. Cross the Hana highway. Look for Burger King and Lowe's on your left turn in there. Go to Barnes and Noble and buy the book called "MAUI REVEALED" That is all you will need. This book will tell you about all the best uncrowded beaches, black sand, green sand, pink sand. The best places to eat. Where all the waterfalls are. All the cool places we locals know about but we don't want you to know about. There is one of these books for each island. You will not be sorry if you buy this. You could even order it online from Amazon before you go. I have lived here for 238 years and would never move back to the mainland although I do visit my family oftern in Orange County CA