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It depends on his/her interests. I taught a girl who had severely limited cognitive ability (2nd grade reading level in the 8th grade) who was on the Cheerleading team and did theater. Mind you, she didn't excel at either, but she chose them and she got a lot of enjoyment out of the activities. Give the child a choice. Ask what they like. I also knew a girl who likes to color and do puzzles. or sing songs and dance

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Q: What activities that is suitable for retardation mental child?
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What has the author Cathy Covert written?

Cathy Covert has written: 'Mental retardation' -- subject(s): Child, Mental retardation

What specialists may be called on to treat a child with mental retardation?

The treatment team will depend on the underlying cause of mental retardation. A neurologist, neuropsychologist, child psychiatrist, and/or development pediatrician may be helpful for nearly all cases of mental retardation

When a child is born with extra or missing chromosomes?

Mental Retardation.

What kind of activities should a child with mild mental retardation do?

mentally retarded person symptom are behavioral, speaking,working, learning ,disability etc

When was mental retardation discovered?

Mental Retardation was discovered in the 1800's when a first child was born with this disease because the mom with the child in the stomach wasn't taken care of good with hospital care supervision .

What has the author Steven B Coker written?

Steven B. Coker has written: 'Developmental delay and mental retardation' -- subject(s): Child Development Disorders, Developmental disabilities, Diagnosis, Mental retardation, Therapy

What activities are suitable for kindergarten students?

The best activities for kindergarten students would be some kind of exercise, either physical or mental. Even something simple as coloring or riding a bike around does wonders for a young child!

Is it ok that you want to have your father's or brother's baby?

No, that would be incest and illegal and the child would have a high risk for mental and physical retardation.

When are cases of mild retardation often discovered?

Some cases of mild mental retardation are not diagnosed before the child enters preschool. These children typically have difficulties with social, communication, and functional academic skills.

What has the author Margaret Mantle written?

Margaret Mantle has written: 'Some Just Clap Their Hands' -- subject(s): Case studies, Child care, Child rearing, Children with mental disabilities, Exceptional Child, Family relationships, Home care, Mental retardation

What are some effects of alcohol on the fetus?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrom can affect the growth and weight of the child. It can damage the brain causing mental retardation, poor reasoning skills, and mental health problems.

What is the difference between learning disabilities and mental retardation?

A person with mental retardation has a low IQ and difficulty with tasks associated with daily living. A person with a learning disability may have an average or above average IQ but has difficulty in a specific area. For example, a very smart child may have trouble reading. This child is not mentally retarded but rather may have a learning disability.

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