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Q: What adaptations for survival do walking sticks have?
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Related questions

What are the adaptations of a walking stick?

Walking sticks have adapted to their environment by blending in with leaves and twigs. This allows them to capture prey.

What adaptations do walking sticks have?

they have adapted their body to look like the shape and color of a stick so that it can blend in with its environment and better survive.

Are walking sticks amphibians or reptiles?

Neither. Walking sticks are insects.

What is the scientific name for walking sticks?

The scientific name for walking sticks is Diapheromera Femorata

What are walking sticks babies called?

walking sticks are used for supporting humans and can not have babies

How do squirrels survive?

Squirrels have adaptations for survival in the wild. Their main adaptations for survival is storing nuts and berries for the winter.

How do walking sticks eat?

How do walking sticks eat ? Well if your wondering they eat in a round circle

Where do walking sticks go for winter?

why would walking sticks go any where for winter(they don't)

How do camouflage and protective coloration adaptations affect an organisms survival and reproduction?

Camouflage and protective coloring adaptations improve an organism's chances of survival and reproduction.

What is a good website to shop for walking sticks and canes?

Brazos Walking Sticks website has a large selection of high quality walking sticks and canes for sale. The Walking Cane website also has a significant amount of canes for sale.

Do walking sticks procreate?

Walking sticks (the insects) procreate. If they did not procreate there wouldn't be any. Walking sticks (the kind you use when you go hiking) do not procreate. They are made out of dead wood.

Do walking sticks drink water?

Walking sticks are used as an aide for trekking and walking activities. However, they are not a living thing and do not drink water.

What eats walking sticks?

Woodworm or beaverswalking sticks will sometimes eat their own kind

Where do walking sticks they lay egg?

Walking sticks usually lay their eggs in the soil, or on the underside of leaves.

Do walking sticks live in the rainforest?

Yes, there are a wide variety of walking sticks in the rainforest. Having just returned from a visit in the Amazon Basin, I photographed several walking sticks of different sizes and colors.

How do you know if you need walking sticks?

Walking sticks are wonderful for uneven ground or steep inclines, even if you are in shape.

How do walking sticks obtain there food?

walking sticks are a type of insect that sucks the sap of plants through a strawlike mouth

What are the adaptations for survival of a wild turkey?

The adaptations for survival of a wild turkey are very complex. One of these adaptations is the stronger legs and lower body weight.

Where can you find walking sticks at?

You can find stick bugs anywhere on tree's or thorn bushes they look like sticks and are called "walking sticks" or "stick bugs" because they look exactly like little sticks.

What is the major reason for adaptations?


How are animal adaptations connected to their survival?


How are walking sticks different from an ant?

They are bigger.

What is honeybee's adaptations?

honeybees adaptations are what they have to adjust themselves for survival also called homeostasis

How do get walking stick thing on clubpenguin?

there arnt any walking sticks

What is the Walking Sticks diet?

The Walking Stick is a vegetarian and diets on leaves.