What affect do Coke Zero and Coke Light have on bones?

coke and coke zero is the same, but coke zero just has a bit of sugar there for they do bring the same affect on you i know because i drink 20litres of coke pre day puls im only 12 yearsold and i been drinking coke since i was7 i have suffered lots of sideeffects, but im use to from handling these effects and i still drink it now, and u may think im stupid but i already broke the record for this my name isn't mension, but 988,6794 peoples aready knowabout this, and anyways the effects u get is

*heart problems such asasma (i had this)

*angermanagment(i got this,so nobody winds me up because they know wht happens and don't want it to happen again,i had this.)

*blood popping out your skin(i had this)

*intesting over flow(i had this)

*intesings rips a bit its very painfull,but it only happens once(i had this.)

*DIZZZY ness such as roomspining and double vison and etc


*black out

*hard to run

*u get weaker, but im still strong my knucless are 3cm long

*u get fatter,but iam allready fat and strong but people say that im rough

*head pain

*eye sight goes worser


*more white cells less blood cells


*musle pulls

*blood from nose

*heart rate fast puls slow

*low blood circulation


*night mares

*hyperness,but never happened to me

*somatchpains and more i cant write them all down,so please try searching them, and if u fear a side effect remmeber ur not the only one my names not in Google,so sorry but i have broke the record.and i havefeared all these side effects

and search more about coke and stay well.