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Q: What affects can noise cause?
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How does alcohol affects the body?

Will drinking beer every day cause noise bleeds

The control of noise and the vibrations that cause noise?

Resonance is the answer.

Do cell phones cause noise pollution..?

maybe not CAUSE noise pollution,but they sure do affect it. ;-)

Does coal cause noise pollution?

no it does not produce noise pollution

What physical conditions cause depression?


Can a bad harmonic balancer make a knocking noise?

A bad harmonic balancer can cause a knocking noise. The harmonic balancer doesn't actually produce the noise, but it can cause the noise in the engine.

How can noise affect your hearing?

Loud noise can affect the ear drum and cause it to rupture. If it's bad enough noise can cause someone to go deaf.

Could Anxiety affects the newborn?

if its enviroment is full of strees and noise yess..

What could cause a whistling noise while running air conditioning?

A bad compressor belt can cause a whistling noise while running the air conditioner. A bad engine can also cause this noise.

How does population cause noise pollution?

because the more people the more noise

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced?

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced and the brakes are not worn?

Why does cannabis cause these affects?


What affects the movement of water?


How can noise affect your hearing and health?

yes noise affect our hearing and health. loud noise can cause loss of hearing and it also cause headaches and other imparities also

What are affects of noise pollution?

loss of hearing (from excessive exposer to extreme noise pollution) and bags under the eyes (from loss of sleep :P)

What word fits better in this sentence noise in your apartment affects effects others?


What cause rear tire to make a noise?

What kind of noise and is it just one tire?

Why are the affects of ozone depletion on the environment?

The affects of ozone depletion on environment are many. These affects are the ones that cause damage.

Why sink area makes noise?

cause it does

What is the biggest cause of noise pollution?


What noise cause?

nose comes by air

Valve train noise big block Chevy when hot?

Engine running hotter then 220 degrees can cause valvetrain noise. Bad fuel can also cause valve noise / PINGING sound. Ignition timing to high / Advanced to far, can also cause engine noise.

How does music cause noise pollution?

There are a great number of ways that music can cause noise pollution. Music can be far too loud for comfort.

Can repeated noise exposure cause trauma to the inner ear?

Yes, repeated noise exposure can cause trauma to the inner ear. This is an impact of noise pollution and is common in cities and populated areas.

What does the moon cause on the earth?

It affects the tides.