Hurricanes Typhoons and Cyclones

What affects do hurricanes have on Earth?


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they obviously destroy things...


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the atmosphere affects hurricanes because it is awesome...

the weather and climate is the seasons and the atmosphere but many thing can affect to it like hurricanes,tornados,earthquakes and much more

Its the latitude that affects the temperatures on the earth

hurricanes affects our community by damging crops, damaging buildings including people's home, coastal area's

No. Hurricanes occur in the troposphere, as does nearly all weather on earth.

hurricanes destroy homes.hurricanes can start flooding.can kill humans

Only the hurricanes on Earth are given names. The planet Mercury has no atmosphere to speak of and therefore does not have hurricanes at all.

the earth is heated by the sunlight and it affects it by it being too hot when the sunlight is shining on earth.

Tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes

It harms the earth when rain, tornadoes, and hurricanes disintegrate the land or rocks that we have on earth.

Yes, Hurricanes and tornadoes are the two most violent types of storm on earth.

The most powerful storm on earth are tornadoes and hurricanes!

"The rotation of hurricanes is related to the?".... The rotation of the earth and the winds generated by friction as the earth rotates within our atmosphere; much the same as water "rotates" in opposite directions when above or below the equator, so do Hurricanes and Cyclones.

the cycle of seasons most affects the earth around the sun

It affects all the atmosphere of the earth

Hurricanes mix up the nutrients in the water and mix oxygen from the atmosphere into the ocean. This affects the microorganisms in the water which affects the whole ocean food chain since they are the bottom of the food chain. They also destroy coral reefs and displace sea animals. Hurricanes also produce a temporary decease in sea surface temperatures.

No. The moon's gravity only affects the ocean tides. Interesting question though.

the climate, the ocean, the cold winds from the ocean, and the chance of hurricanes.

the activities of man which affects the seas are: hurricanes , drought, flood and sex.

i think it is about how the earth moves

Yes, everything we do affects the earth

they smash everything in there path and mess up the earth

Yes. Some of the lowest sea-level pressure on Earth are found in the eyes of major hurricanes.

No. Hurricanes are atmospheric phenomena, while earthquakes can only be triggered by processes relatively deep within the earth.

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