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What affects global warming?


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A lot affects global warming, mostly the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and others gases. CH4 is caused by cattle and melting tundra, while CO2 is caused by burning anything, such as running cars and factories that burning fossil fuels. All those gases trap the sun's heat in the atmosphere to heat up the air up to melt polar ice, destroy animal homes, and increase the sea level so there's more flooding.

Destroying forests is another cause.


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If global warming affects the ozone hole, the UV will come in. This will lead to more global warming.

Global Warming mainly affects coastal countries. Global warming affects everyone All countries. You need to go back and review the meaning of "global".

global warming affects evry day lives.

It depend on if the global warming affects the temperature of the water.

The ozone layer affects global warming. It kills the planktons which avoid global warming.

global warming affects biomes,tundra is the most affected biome there is by global warming.

Globe warming affects plant it stunts growth,affects humans and animals

There is very little connection between global warming and the ozone layer.

Yes, global warming affects all countries with large population.

Global warming affects glaciers by melting them. The water runs into the oceans, raising the sea levels.Global warming affects oceans by warming them. Warm water expands, so ocean levels are rising even further!

depends what part of global warming affects them... do you mean flooding, heat expansion of deserts. thee are many aspects of global warming

Ozone layer affects global warming. The same is true for the reverse.

Global warming causes greenhouse effect. It then causes ozone depletion.

You can see and read about the effects of global warming as it affects the entire planet Earth. We are beginning to see its affects as well in the oceans.

If global warming affects the hole, the hole will become larger. This would mean more UV's.

Global warming affects humans because global warming can eventually make some places unlivable due to extreme temperatures. Also global warming can kill off species of organisms.

Yes Global Warming affects everyone even if they dont have a footprint .

The main cause of thinning is CFC's. Global warming also affects it.

Yes, global warming does affect all the living creatures. Irregular weather patterns and floods in the lowlands are just but examples of how global warming affects everybody.

Ozone layer affects global warming. It then affects the climate on earth and bringing a warming trend.

It affects us and the temperature and climate of the Earth.

It affects everyone and everything on the planet.

Global Warming on earth only affects the earth. It has no effect on the sun.

Yes, Global warming affects ozone layer and vice versa. These two processes are interrelated.

Ozone depletion causes global warming. This then causes global temperature to change.

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