What affects the population in Canada?

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the factors of population in Canada are..
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How did prohibition affect Canada in 1920s?

They manufactured and sold quite a bit of alcohol to U.S. "bootleggers", and provided clubs and other drinking establishments for people who wanted to avoid the oppressive pro

What is the population of Canada?

Canada's population in late 2014 was estimated to be 35,540,419people. This is, however, constantly increasing. 35.16 million (2013) The estimated population of the country,

What does not affect population?

There are many, many things that affect pollution in many different ways. Animals and humans produce carbon dioxide, which is theoretically a form of carbon pollution. Trees a

How has physical geography affected the population density of the US and Canada?

The population in the US and Canada is most dense along the coasts and navigable rivers where people were first able to get to settle. It is also affected by climate, soil qua

What are four problems that affect Canada?

Poor immigration policy, The current Conservative government (whichrepresents about 1/3 of Canadians) is rapidly ruining the country,how to maintain universal health care; inc

How did vimy ridge affect Canada?

The battle of Vimy Ridge was the first battle in which all four of the Canadian battalions participated. After the British and French soldiers failed to win this battle, the C
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How does transportation affect the population of Canada?

Transportation does not affect the population of Canada but does effect the assembly of the people or the disbursement of the population. In BC in app 1949 there were only som
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How does the population density of Canada affect Canadian nationalism?

Because its cold up North & people rather live down south because its warmer. . Canada is a Confederation of many Nations with many cultures. The idea of Canadian nationalis
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How did it affect population?

Because it has a lot of population with climate and other things