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That would be the age of majority. In Tennessee and most of the US that would be 18. Then they are adults and the parents are no longer responsible for the child.

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Q: What age can a child leave home in Tennessee without the consent of parents?
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Can parents legally see an adult child's will?

not without child's consent..

Can a child be brought to nh to live without the other parents consent?


If you are 16 and have a child can you get married without parental consent in Tennessee?

No. Tennessee does not have waiver rights allowing a pregnant minor or one who has a child to be married without the consent of parents or a legal guardian. Find out what the legal age of consent is in TN and you will have your answer. * The AOC only pertains to when a minor can legally engage in consensual sex. It has no bearing on the marriage laws. A minor who does not live in a state that has laws allowing a pregnant minor to marry without parental consent (Tennessee is one of those states) must have parental or legal guardian consent to marry or must be emancipated by the court.

What is the age in Tennessee that a child can get healthcare without parental consent?

A minor can always get emergency care without the parents consenting and also STD-testing, pregnancy testing and prenatal care without the parents consenting or finding out. For everything else you have to be 18yo.

Can a parent legally take a child out of state without the other parents consent?


What age can a child move out of their parents home?

18 without parental consent.

In Idaho Can a 17-year-old female leave home to live with her boyfriend without her parents' consent but with her boyfriend's parents' consent to move in with him?

No. There are only a few things that a child can do without parents' consent, and moving in with a boyfriend is not one of them.

In MO Can a child move in with family friends without her parents consent?

Not as long as she is a minor, no.

What is the legal age for a child to leave school without parents consent in Florida?


Can a child be emancipated without parents consent in California?

Depends on the child's age. You can read all about it in the link below.

Can a mother put her child up for adoption without the fathers consent?

No. The child has 2 parents not just one so both need to give their consent.

Can a 17 year old girl and a 17 year old boy get married without parental consent if they have a child?

No. You may be parents, but you are still minors and require parents consent. When you both turn 18 you can get married without your parents consent since at that point you are an adult.

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